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Have I just purchased a 24 bit audio CD ?

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by stargaterecords, Nov 23, 2011.
  1. StargateRecords
    I just recently purchased two slightly different copies of the same CD.
    CD 1 is a standard audio recording, from what I can tell.
    CD 2 was twice the price and has a sticker which says:
    "Stunning sound using 24-bit analog to digital transfers"
    I thought the RedBook standard set the encoding at 16-bit/44,100 Hz ?
    I would be very grateful if someone could explain the sticker to me and also, if all my music is taken from CD's which are 16/44 why would I need a 24-bit/96 KHz DAC such as the FiiO E10 to get the most out of the music on my computer ? The reason I ask is that I am struggling to decide between the Leckerton UHA-4, the UHA-6, the iBasso range and the FiiO E10 or any other suitable recommendations. To be used with my Mac and PC as an AMP/DAC and maybe with my iPhone or iPod 5, as an amplifier.
  2. Head Injury
    That means they used 24 bits when remastering the album. They use 16 bits when they burn it to the CD.
    You don't need a 24/96 DAC to get the most out of your music. Higher bit depth and sampling rate is useful for mastering, not for playback. Give this thread a read.
  3. StargateRecords
    Okay, thanks. I will read the thread...

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