Have 598s looking for a similar sounding (closed) portable for X5
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May 24, 2015
Hey all,
been a reader for some time and I cannot thank the community enough for all the work you do! So thank you!
I just recently purchased a Fiio X5 and am really enjoying it (despite its quirks) over the iPod classic . With that, my buds simply aren't cutting it anymore for commuting, running errands and I'd like to upgrade.
I really love the sound of my 598s but the bleed would make me feel horrible about being on the train, as I cringe at the infamous cell phone music player without headphones guy. 
 Main genres listened to:
  1. Rock (Post, Math, Prog)
  2. EDM (Chill, House. DnB)
  3. Jazz
By no means a basshead, but I really enjoy textured bass as I play the instrument myself and love the details as well as tonal varieties.
I guess what I'm looking for is a good all around performer in terms of a wide sound stage and separation if such a closed set exists. I tend to lean on the warmer side, but don't mind a bit of punch/ attack. I find the 598s to be good a balance for me, for now at least.
Regardless, I've been looking at the the momentum 1.0 over ears ($189 on Amazon.ca) due to their reviews claiming a wide sound stage , but I was wondering if anyone could provide any other suggestions? I'll get out and audition what I can in Toronto. I think I'm asking for too much at that price point. I also have no issue in getting a portable amp a couple of months down the road.
Thank you for taking your time to read and hopefully post!
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Dec 16, 2011
grand rapids, mi
Right. The HD598s are open headphones, and they would be a terrible choice for public use.

Not sure what the closed alternative to the HD598s would be. If you have the chance to audition some headphones, definitely do that. Depending on what you find that you like/don't like, and why, people can probably offer more alternatives. :)

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