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Has Sennheiser Fallen From Grace?

  1. Relaxasaurus
    It really is a shame. My HDVA 600 amp is such a beautiful piece of equipment, in both feel and aesthetics. Wish they could build off the momentum they had just a handful of years back and give the people what the want when it comes to TOTL gear.
  2. SpeakerBox
    I am not even all that enamored with the HD-600. I know there are many here that love them - but I found them mediocre until I paired them with tubes and now would say they are just ok. Go figure!
  3. wink
    Ears may need a retune............:ksc75smile:
  4. SpeakerBox
    It's possible, as I am 63 and the ears are not what they were. That said my 595s sound great and also my Sony MDR-7506.
  5. serman005
    It's a brutally competitive business.
  6. wink
    To fall from grace means you were in a state of grace in the first instance.................

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