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Has Hifiman upgraded/downgraded the HE500 drivers?

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by flargosa, Feb 4, 2012.
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  1. flargosa
    Okay so I measured impedence on my HE500 drivers to see how close it is to spec.  The specs say it should be 38 ohms, however I am getting 52 ohms. This seems very close to the HE6 impedence of 50 ohms.  Has Hifiman change the latest revision of HE500's? Mine is way out of spec, bought it new last month.
  2. Il Mostro
    Subscribed.  I was thinking about "upgrading" to the HE-500's after returning my HE-400's.  After looking inside the HE-400's I get a very queasy feeling about everything about this company.  I am, however, hoping that the HE-500's are better with respect to internal build quality and overall QC.  Your post gives me pause...
  3. detoxguy
    Have you actually asked Fang about it directly? 

  4. flargosa

    Yes, I have.  Waiting for a response.  I know that another head-fier got a reading of 50 ohms as well, so I am not the only one with an out of spec HE500.  

  5. mrarroyo Contributor
    Where are the measurements taken?
  6. flargosa
    I took it at the headphone input plug, where you screw in the cable.  So there is no added impedence from the cable.  I have a pretty good Fluke multimeter, the measurements from my other headphones are within 2-3% of spec.  
  7. Timestretch
    I wonder what exactly is changed about the driver, or maybe yours is simply an isolated incident of a one-off oddity?
  8. Head Injury
    The HE-500 Tyll measured a while ago is 47 ohms. Hifiman's published specs are very off at times. I don't know how they measure them. The HE-6 Tyll has is much harder to drive than 83.5 dB/mW, not as hard as 83.5 dB/V, so it's not just a matter of units.
  9. justin w. Contributor
    At what frequency is the impedance spec?  You guys are just measuring the DC resistance.  The impedance of many headphones varies wildly with frequency.
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  10. wuwhere Contributor
    There were people here who claimed that the impedance of planar magnetic headphones don't vary with frequency. I'm not entirely sure if they actually measured it from 20Hz to 20kHz.
  11. flargosa
    I'm not sure if this is the correct graph, but it shows the HE500  impedance to freq as flat.  I'm guessing it shouldn't matter what freq it is tested at.  
  12. jcx
    I think we have a couple of plots of different Orthos, on one I think a bass bump may be barely visible, flat the rest of the way
    a 1st principles argument also supports the flat electrical impedance
    low electro-dynamic coupling efficiency of the Ortho design means that you are mostly looking at the membrane electrode foil electrical resistance with little added mass-spring motional impedance coupled to the electrical terminals
    some voice coils show rising high frequency Z due to inductance of the coiled wire, Ortho's planar, meander electrode pattern is very low inductance too
  13. khaos974
    As far as I know, HE-500s have always measured at about 50 ohms impedance despite the official specs.
  14. detoxguy
    Do they sound bad? 
  15. mrarroyo Contributor
    No, the HE500 that I have sound superb and at $699 a major bargain. [​IMG]
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