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Has anyone tried the Creative EP-650's?

  1. kwitel
    I have loved the ep-630's for years now; recently lost mine and am wondering if there is a reason to now go with the 650's instead?
  2. ClieOS Contributor


    EP-650 is EP-630 special edition (with a chrome finish). Given there is actual $30 IEM out there that sounds better, I  don't see a lot of point on getting what essentially is the same IEM twice. If you want a Creative, the $80 Aurvana In-Ear 2 is a much better buy.
  3. kwitel


    Clie-thanks for the reply; just finished reading your review.
    They look quite nice but you dont seem to be overly impressed with them.
    Ive read a number of great reviews of the Nuforce ne6s; can you compare/contrast those with the Aurvana?
  4. ClieOS Contributor


    I wasn't too impressed by the In-Ear2 because it cost $100 when I was reviewing it, but now it is $80, making it a much more competitive product.
    NE6 is the mic-less version of NE7M. A decent product on its own and a big jump from EP630, but nowhere as good as the Aurvana. Check out the the Concise Multi-IEM Comparison linked in my sig. I have all three of them (NE-7M, EP-630 and Aurvana IE2) listed there.
  5. kwitel


    "nowhere as good" is a strong statement...
    I have some reading to do. What is your fave sub $50 and sub $100 IEM (s)?
  6. ClieOS Contributor
    NE-7M / NE6 are decent IEM when they were first out, but 2 year+ is a quite a long time for IEM market, where turnover can be as short as half-a-year.
    My current favorite sub$100 IEM will probably be both RE0 (with a good amp, I might add) and Phiaton PS210. Favorite sub$50 will probably be MEElectronics CW31, which I will review in a couple of weeks.
  7. DigDub
    the creative inear2 is my favorite pair of phones now when i want something laid back.
  8. kwitel


    Have you tried the ne-700's?
  9. ClieOS Contributor

    No, not yet.
  10. cnhardwick

    Second on the CW31 for current favorite under $50 IEM. I am going to see about getting a review up today.

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