Has anyone transplanted AT AD2000 drivers into AD500x bodies?
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Oct 2, 2015
Just saw reviews of the AD500x and the AD2000x from Zeos.
Would like to attempt it since the value is awesome but unsure of actual process. Anybody?
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It should be pretty cut and dry. The drivers are all the same size, so you should be able to pry the old ones out after desoldering them and then use something like E6000 glue to mount them in the stock baffles, then solder the original internal wires onto the new drivers.
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I have one that was made by @Wje (I'm the second or third owner I believe). It's incredibly well done so it must be quite possible as far as driver size... Etc. They sound quite impressive, and match reviews of the ad2000 sound, so it very well may be worth doing FWIW. I have not heard a real AD2000 though

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