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Has anyone seen you emotionally vulnarable when you never intended to show it?

  1. kool bubba ice
    Might be hard to answer. I know people shield & protect their feelings for various reasons.. A friend seen me 'exposed' when I never intended it to happen. I had a huge crush on this girl in college. She would park in the teachers parking location. Had no clue why they never noticed.. Our class's ended at the same time.. I went down to the area to see if she was therre.. She just got in her car & took off, I gave chase screaming her name with emotion.. When I turn my head I saw a friend of mine with his arms crossed with a snotty little grin.. His expression was like.. I caught the cat in the cokie jar, or to be more blunt.. How pathetic.. I didn't know how to react.. I tried pretending it never happened... Made a attempt to blow it off.. But he knew.. He seen a part of me no one has, & a side I don't show to anybody.. How did you handle it..
  2. JadeEast
  3. moriez
    Let it go, let it go, let it go!
    You describe it very well, you being ''exposed''.  I am pretty open about feelings and stuff but not completely at ease with these kinds of things either. What can you do in such a situation? Not much huh. Personally I just try to acknowledge that there's times like this. Yes, still I am ashamed and embarrassed but that goes by pretty fast. Knowing and accepting yourself helps a lot. That means your weaknesses also. And about your friend, the way he reacted doesnt sound so friendly to me..
    Does it still bother you? 
  4. Kirosia
    The last few days before the end of college. I had to watch the girl I liked (and whom rejected me) smile and laugh with another guy. A guy who had only used her for her car and ignored her until another, prettier girl stopped showing up to class. I couldn't stop looking at them, I didn't realize how obvious it was until my friend sitting next to me said "stop looking" in a concerned voice. Everyone could see the heartache in my face, the thought of that day still pains me to no end. 
  5. AVALover5498
    Wow, that sucks Kirosia.
    I don't really show my emotions to many people. Mainly because I don't like people.
  6. NapalmK

    I can identify with that. A similar thing happened to me in high school with a girl I was dating. Not exactly but close. I'd honestly rather not share. It took me about a year to get over it though I still try not to think about it. I guess it's better to have loved and lost than not at all but dang the losing part sucks something awful.
    When I'm vulnerable I generally don't have any contact with people or won't talk about it. I don't know why. I always feel like it's my problem and I should deal with it myself without inconveniencing others. Strange because my friends are always very supportive when they figure out what's going on.
  7. momomo6789 Contributor
    the real problem here is why you were chasing her yelling her name !
  8. logwed


    Exact same thing happened to me very recently. Thankfully it's summer so I don't have to be reminded about her generally, but at several social gathering that we both found ourselves attending, I have been called on my moping by my friends.
  9. Landis Contributor
    Anytime I'm sad, I put on a Cthulhu mask so people just mind their own business.
    I too can join the club of "Those dang girls in high school breakin' hearts", but you get over it and you meet new people! Or die alone, either way, just be manly about it.
  10. krmathis Contributor
    No, seriously do not think I have even done so. Always been able to held it in, unless I intended to show it of course.
  11. Uncle Erik Contributor
    No, I keep a poker face.  When it comes to women, don't worry.  They're like freight trains - always another one coming along. 
    The first one you really love is always a heartbreaker, but after that it's nothing to worry about.  Suck it up and you'll have another prospect before you know it.
  12. kool bubba ice

    In a way.. But know it makes me smile & I laugh at it a bit.. A yr before we had met in the same class.. Odd.. 3 weeks in, I could see her sitting infront of the desk I sat in.. When I grabbed the knob to open the door, my intuition told me she was going to speak to me.. Hard to explain.. Like knowing when to ask for that promotion... You know your going to get it.. I walked in feeling awkward.. Sat at my desk.. Starting looking at the clock.. & in under 30 seconds she turns around with a big smile & starts chatting with me.. We became friends quickly... Next semister we had the same class again at night & at day we had the different class, but started at the same time.. So we would see each other before class would start.. She gave me her number.. I was like wow.. Then, of course it comes crashing down.. I walked her to her car one night & saw a rose on the dashboard.. In my heart I knew.. But I had to ask.. She told me her fiance gave it to her.. Only good thing was the rose looked like it was dying & just there.. But the rose didn't matter.. I went numb, & just walked to my car wanting to cry..
    Later on I actually seen her fiance.. Odd how he started taking her to school.. I seen them parked at school... I walked up to the truck, ignored him & chatted with her.. She had a huge smile.. We chatted & left.. Since them he was there more often.. I walked her to the lobby, he was there waiting to take her home, but she totally blew him off & just talked to me like he wasn't there.. I sensed tension between them.. But I had short lived victories.. She always went home with him.. In the end it didn't matter.. She transffered to UCLA to get her BA in English the following yr.. This was a community college.. She was a very bright girl.. She would always leave during the break in our international politics class (or whatever it was called) & still got a A.. I slid by with a C.. Oh well.. Live & learn. It was a good learning experience for me.. Hopefully I meet her again..

    I have.. But lets be honest, when you talk about it, the feelings return a bit.

  13. moriez


    Your story sounds a bit like one of a love lost. I hope you will meet her again.

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