Has anyone rockbox'ed Cowon D2?
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Apr 9, 2007
i've used a bunch of mp3 players in the past (ipod 4g, ipod mini, sansa clip, cowon x5, etc), and right now, i am mainly using cowon d2.
i want to try rockboxing my d2 but rockbox website says "Rockbox runs on these players, but is incomplete, less usable or has problems that limit it to advanced users" for cowon d2.

has anyone tried rockboxing cowon d2?
if so, what was the advantage/improvement? and what problems/issues have you experienced?

thanks in advance.
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I have Rockboxed my D2. The port for the D2 is almost fully fuctional. The only issues I know of are that it doesn't do recording (yet) and cannot save settings if you install it to the D2 instead of an SD card. The battery life also takes a hit. As for improvements, there are many. For starters, you have true gapless playback, a great EQ, lots of audio format support, excellent playlist features, and many others you can find here: WhyRockbox < Main < Wiki. My favorite part is that it has a sensible UI (navigation is much easier for me than the original firmware). I hope this helps you.
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I have. Better soundstage and bass response on low impedance iems. I had issues with the player becoming unresponsive and wasn't able to read files from my sdhc card. The latest version (Nov 5) has fixed all that and it's been running steady since.


That's quite an old build you're using there. You can go to the Rockbox site and get the current build (which is r25691 at the time of this post).
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Was simple as anything to install on my D2 and runs alongside cowons own firmware just fine ( easy to switch between the two)
There are one or two little quirks but I love it overall and gapless playback is a real plus.

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