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Has anyone ever met their companies CEO?

  1. kool bubba ice
    I work for Best Buy.. & Brian Dunn came into our store. Suprise visit. Every employees mouth hit the floor.. He is very engaging, charasmatic, & has a lot of energy. When he walks into a room, you take notice.. He's what a CEO should be.. I seen him on TV for 5 yrs during our meetings. I was always skeptical. A lot of employees at Best Buy move up by who they know & by kissing ass.. But after meeting him, I felt he really deserves it. When he walked into the warehouse he personally seeked me out & walked towards me.. He introduced himself & we shook hands.. Small talk occurred. I never got the feeling that he thought he was better then me.. I never felt I was 'beneath him' due to his position. I felt on even grounfd as he treated me like a equal.. & seemed geuninly sincere that I was working at Best Buy & doing a good job. He took it to heart.. IMO, he is a class act.. & shaking a mans hand who is worth millions gave me chills..
    I used to work for any company where the higher ups looked down on the janitors, & treated them like trash.. He though he was above them, & they were not worth his time.. This insulted me greatly... The company was 24fitness..
  2. earthpeople
    That's pretty cool to hear. The way it seems to be portrayed is that top executives look down on other people, so it's nice to see it isn't always the case. [​IMG]
  3. krmathis Contributor
    Sure, I meet him at least twice a week.
    He is a down to earth guy which drop by our department once in a while. Hence he know who I am and we may even small talk in the elevator or such.
    Relative small company with about 800 employees though.
  4. Uncle Erik Contributor
    I've never met a CEO at the bigger companies I've worked for, but the smaller places I've been at always had the owners around.

    The closest I've gotten was a session working as Chief of Staff to a State Senator in Oregon.  The Governor was usually around the Capitol and I ran into him and made small talk several times.
  5. balderon Contributor
    Does it count being in the same work space? I work for a fortune 500 company and once the CEO toured the facility. I was one of many observers watching upper management direct the show.

    A CEO puts on their clothes like everybody else. No reason to get freaky about it.[​IMG]

  6. Landis Contributor
    I work on the northern end of the spectrum with Future Shop, a subsidiary of Best Buy.
    I've seen Brad Anderson before, the former CEO of Best Buy, and I have had a brief meet and greet with Michael Pratt, the president of Future Shop. I didn't really feel it was a big deal and I'm not a shy guy, so I guess I didn't have quite the intimidation factor as you. 
  7. WyldRage
    I used to, all the time. But then again, in mineral exploration, it's just a couple of geologist and the CEO (who may or may not be a geologist himself). [​IMG]
  8. pcf
    I work for Dreamworks. Film studios are small compared to retail stores and other big companies. Meeting my CEO is a regularly thing in company updates and meetings. In fact, I met him yesterday. Out of the three bosses we have, David Geffen is the one that I have never met.
    My wife actually met Segey (CEO and co founder)from Google a few times in parties because him and his family are one of our best friends' neighbours. Believe it or not, they live in a modest home in Los Altos Hill (Okay, the area is expensive).
  9. uofmtiger
    I work for a smallish company, so it happens quite a bit. When I worked at FedEx, I met Fred Smith on a van after jumpseating (flying free on a Fedex plane) into Memphis. The van had a few people on it, but no one was talking... He came onto the van and started up a conversation with everyone like Norm on Cheers. :)
  10. Redcarmoose
    Met? I lived with the CEO of my company for seven years. They are a different breed of human. They think about work all the time. The fact is that a style of work ethic or value takes on an almost fanatical view in the mind of most CEOs. I would have to think that even with a cool exterior that a  type A mind-set is always hard at work. They have an uncanny and instinctive way of judging all of life all the time. They are steadfast in their views and contain complete belief in what they think.
    As the company grew to 2000 personal members he became the best at what he does in retail. I saw a competitive way of looking at retail as well as a way to look at life.
  11. kool bubba ice

    Best Buy employees over 1 hundred thousand plus employees in the US....

  12. kool bubba ice
    Yeah... I tend to look deeper.. Like, how big of a check this guy writes.. His dealings with other higher ups like Sony/MS etc.. & the dealings... So, yes.. Shaking the hand of a man that runs the biggest electronics store chain in America is impresive to me, & was a wow like feeling..

  13. wuwhere Contributor
    Two to three times a year. The headquarters is on the other side of the Atlantic.
  14. appophylite
    Our CEO came to town maybe a month back. Of course, the day he and his posse showed up in town, I was out in the field working.
  15. Townyj
    I work for a global mining company called Rio Tinto Iron Ore and i have met two of the top Managing directors, Jack Sato and Greg Lilleyman. They were both very friendly and cracked a joke or two. Im not usually the type who makes a fuss, but people run around organising there desks after being tipped off about a visit.

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