Harsch Acoustic: Swiss-made CIEMs from designer of the Phonak IEMs
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Jun 12, 2011
Stumbled upon http://www.harschacoustic.ch, a new CIEM brand started by Samuel Harsch, who worked for Phonak Audeo when they made IEMs. He has caused a minor sensation over at DIYAudio as he proposed a simple way to get a near-transient-perfect crossover (google 'Harsch crossover')

I haven't tried them, but the theory behind his work is sound and proven by several DIYers who rave about the transient performance and coherence of his crossover. In fact, I'm looking to designing a Harsch-style crossover for my personal speakers!

I was looking for his presentations and papers when I found this, so I thought I'd share it, especially since I know there are still Phonak lovers out there. The company apparently just started operations in earnest this year and has no information about it out in the English-speaking world, as far as I can see.

PS My first post in a long time since this is the only genuinely interesting and unique thing I could find to post in a long time, hah.

They look quite pretty too:

(credits: Harsch Acoustic)
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It's strange how little impact these have made on this side of the community (although I recall there was a couple of mentions of these on r/headphones). Perhaps they've had better luck on the European forums. It's a real shame, considering the pedigree of the designer. I would have liked to have seen more impressions on these.

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