Hard-wired headphone cables - sonic benefits?
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Feb 21, 2012
I was reading another thread on a well known brand of flagship headphones and a couple of users mentioned they have had their cans hard-wired with their favourite cables. I'd heard of this practice before but never really given it much thought. Off the top of my head I can think of lots of practical reasons not to hard-wire, e.g. affecting re-sale value, inability to swap cables over easily, damage to cable = damage to whole headphone system, difficult repairs. But in terms of sonic benefits I am intrigued. Apparently hard-wiring will/can magnify the relative traits of the particular wire/cable, e.g. even deeper bass, even wider soundstage, even better resolution etc. What does everybody think, anybody have good/bad experiences? Also are there any good threads / articles / measurements on this, either here on Head-Fi or elsewhere?

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