Hard of hearing - need LOUD and small headphones
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Jangly Mark

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Feb 24, 2013
I arrived here (and had to seriously jump through hoops to get here - captchas are EVIL and I had to adjust Noscript THREE times before the ******* thing was even visible) out of sheer desperation.
I have perforated eardrums on both sides from birth.  20 years ago, I could shop around and get headphones to suit my needs - but seemingly not now.

I am not looking for high end headphones - I can't afford them, but, I am looking for reasonable quality that will suit my needs.

The first thing I need is LOUD.  Almost all modern headphones simply don't do loud.

When I look at specifications, I see things like Frequency response, mpedance, Power etc.

What should I be looking for to know how loud the headphones are?

The next thing I need is separate volume controls each side.  My hearing in both ears fluctuates.

The next thing I need is a stereo/mono switch.  I listen to a lot of late 60's psychedelia, as well as 80's c86/indiepop. Particularly in the former, sometimes, they went wild with stereo, which is good, but, sometimes, depending on your state of mind, you need to revert to mono.

The final thing I need is a SMALL - preferably elasticated headband.

From ear to ear, the headband should be around 5.2 inches.
I don't have a lot of money, and would be looking to spend 20-25 pounds.

My ideal headphones, which served me well for years, would be PHILIPS SBC 3155.

A little too big for me, even at the smallest setting, and a bit of extra volume wouldn't have gone amiss, but, as near as I have ever got.

If anyone knows where I can get a new set of PHILIPS SBC 3155, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!!

If not, what do you reccomend for me, taking in my needs and price range?

And, again, if I'm looking at headphone specs, what do I look for in terms of how loud they are?
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Jan 20, 2010
Two things:
1) Your request is going to take some research for the members to come up with a solution.  Certainly, more than the 28 minutes you waited before bumping.
2) Bumping puts some people off, but, if bumping is going to be used, it's best to only bump once a day or less.  Be patient!

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