Happy Workers' Day / May Day! (FiiO Holiday announcement: May 1-3)
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Joe Bloggs

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Dear respected customers,

Time never stops its hasty footsteps moving forward, and now it brings us to another new May—a month opening into welcoming warmth. (Or blazing heat. Or blazing cold. Or not much difference from the usual swelter, depending on where you live :p )

All living things are thriving in the field; take one random grasp and you can feel the infinite green and fragrance; birds are singing from the treetops; without rehearsal, they can still perform the most sweet-sounding melody. The sun shines after the spring shower, warming up the landscape, like the most precious gift that nature can grant us; lovely children run on the playground, innocent and naïve, singing a song of spring with their peers. Kites fly in the air, freeing the dream of the children, scaring the birds on the branches, awakening the sleeping clouds as well as quickening our pace to get closer to the nature.

For the coming holiday on 1 May, take a trip outside and have a date with the nature and the one you love. They hold the ticket, you play the music. Do remember to take the music. You WILL take the music with you, won’t you? :D

At least, that’s how things look like around FiiO HQ. Those down under are strongly advised to beware of extreme hemispherical chauvinism and come out well and fully dressed for that holiday trip (that does not fall on a holiday) :D :D :ph34r:

Kind note: During the holiday (May 1st to 3rd ), please kindly contact us by sending email to support@fiio.net (or as usual, pm me) in case of any problem in using FiiO products. We will reply you right after we get back to work on May 4th, thank you!

Best regards,

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