Happy tube buffer questions
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Mar 9, 2008
Happy new year everybody !

I've just ordered a B-283 tube processor (Yaqin tube buffer). I'd like to use it in an all digital set up :

laptop > usb soundcard with head amp > headphones

Now, the only way I see I could insert it is like this :

laptop > usb soundcard usb with head amp > tube buffer > headphones

I would have to get the proper connectors to do that, but I suspect that the headphone out of my usb soundcard wouldn't be good as an input to the tube buffer... that I could damage the buffer with too much current / voltage... that I would face an impedance mismatch at the input and/or output of the tube buffer...

Do you see another way to use a tube buffer in a simple set up between a computer and headphones?

Thanks fo your feedback !

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