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Happy New Year!

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  1. Ctn
    Just want to say that [​IMG]

    Oh and what is your New Years resolution [​IMG]

  2. mcbiff
    Happy New Year!
  3. RickG
    Happy New Year, All

    I stopped with the "resolution" stuff years ago!

  4. myke

    Since this is my first year as a smoker, my resolution is to quit.
  5. chadbang
    I resolve to be more tolerant of all headphone amps and visit an audiologist by the end of 2002.

    Happy... what?

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


  6. Zia
    Happy, Peaceful and a Prosperous new year to all! [​IMG]

  7. Braver
    Happy New Year people [​IMG] (bit early stil here, just to be over with it already!)

    resolution: same as last year, MO' CDs! [​IMG] doubled my collection over the course if this year, let's see if I can double it again [​IMG]
  8. rickcr42 Contributor
    well,trying all day to think of something witty to add-TOTAL BLANK
    so guess I gotta be boring and just say

    May You Have A safe And Enjoyable New Years Eve ,and may the next year be a good one

  9. lini Contributor
    Well, have a good year 2002, all of you!

    Greetings from Munich!

    Manfred / lini
  10. Braver
    lol, yeah, wait a minute, I'll open a new thread too!
  11. Flumpus
    I'll use this thread since it's at the top and I'm lazy [​IMG] Happy New Year! Wish yall could come to my party... Anyone from the Dallas Head-fi meet feel free to stop by [​IMG]
  12. lini Contributor
    braver: Yeah, well, I had to - see the timestamp? I did the official version for the middle european timezone... [​IMG]

    Grinnings from Munich!

    Manfred / lini

    P.S.: Fireworks still going on, outside...
  13. jude Administrator
    Have a happy and safe New Year everyone!
  14. RickG
    You too, Jude

  15. rickcr42 Contributor
    already posted in the OTHER THREAD dammit [​IMG]

    And ,,um,,,letssee...hmmmmmm

    Don't make me merge theses threads man ! I am a moderator and have power


    and uh,blame Jude.His fault,yeah it was him
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