Happy as a Pig in Schiit: Introducing Modi Multibit

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  1. winders
    Look, Baldr said there is not enough room inside the Mimby case to implement Gen 5 USB. It's not going to happen.....
  2. Tuneslover
    Yeah I'm in the same situation as you...I don't use USB. Coaxial and Toslink is all that I require...thank goodness!
  3. Baldr
    I know I have said in the past that I can't fit (substitute Gen V, multibit, etc. here) in a (Mimby size, jotunheim, BiFrost size, etc.) volume. Sometimes, I rethink those matters and take them as a challenge, i.e. Mimby sized multibit or other stuff which may or may not come. One extra burden in the Mimby size box is only so much room for heat, and the Mimby gets rid of a lot in the small box. A Gen V may well push it over the edge. I don't know, and will NOT try it until the Manhattan, the turntable, one other "build a ship in a bottle" project, and an entirely new product category for Schiit are done. We are talking a LONG while IF feasible without turning the Mimby into a toaster.
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  4. thedesigner2011
    Smells like Bifrost 2.0!
  5. Tuneslover
    As it turns out I just finished using USB out of my MacBook Pro into my Mimby/Ember, Bimby/Jot and Bifrost 4490/LP G-109S in order to hear the quality of the HD650's bass and sub-bass (hot on the HD650 thread). All 3 of these Schiit DAC's have Gen 2 USB and guess what? All 3 DAC's Gen 2 sounded terrific (incidentally I can attest that the submitted music videos on the HD650 thread illustrated that the HD650's have terrific bass & sub-bass...at least to me).

    I guess I don't understand what all the fuss about Schiit USB implementation is.
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  6. gvl2016
    When I use a grounded amp I get a nasty high-pitched noise with my laptop, galvanically isolated Gen 5 implementation would supposedly solve these issues. I currently use a Centrance DACMini CX which is galvanically isolated and there is no noise, but I had noise with the Modi.
  7. aristos_achaion Contributor
    The Mimby + Eitr is only $429. Though I don't really see why people are so worried about the USB implementation on an entry-level DAC...the Mimby's a great value for the money, sure, but (I think) it's not like most $250 DACs have USB ins comparable to Schiit's Gen5.
  8. gvl2016
    I believe correct answer is 0.
  9. cheungtsw
    Does Schitt run sales during Thanksgiving? Holding up to buy a Mumby or Bifrost (I dont need one at the moment anyway).
  10. Tuneslover
    I don't think that Schiit has sales.
  11. SirRealist
    from their website: http://www.schiit.com/about/on-deals

    ON "DEALS"
    We get asked all the time about deals, sales and other incentives, such as Black Friday specials, EZ credit, trade-ins, monthly payments, purchasing with 2 cards, and a whole raft of other “can I get a better price” questions.

    So, here’s the deal: We don’t do deals.

    Why? Because when you run sales, specials, financing, or other deals, it has exactly three results:

    1. It makes everyone wait for the sales, so suddenly your company is addicted to them.
    2. It makes everyone who bought before the sales wonder if they got screwed.
    3. It makes everything cost more.

    Read #3 again. The simplest sales model is one where everything is a fixed cost, no sales, no promos, no special package deals, no loyalty programs, no EZ financing. And simple is inexpensive. Simple means we don’t have to pass the cost along to you. Anytime we do a sale, start a promo, offer a package deal, or start a loyalty program, we’re adding cost to our products.

    That’s why we have one price list, no discounts, no sales, no promos–because it passes the savings along to everyone.
  12. Pahani
    Emotiva stopped doing sales for pretty much exactly the same reasons, if I recall. Last I knew, that is.
  13. wiz2596
    smells like Modi 3
  14. Tuneslover
    I can't imagine anything beyond the Modi multibit from a DAC standpoint, but hey these Schiit guys are always full of delightful surprises.

    Personally I would like to see them return to their upgrade philosophy for the Bifrost. A good value-added and economical one that is.
  15. Dana Reed
    The Gen 5 USB is one that just came out. That enticed me to get one to replace my mimby in the living room and pair it with my saga/vidar.
    One thing I wonder about that might be a nice upgrade is a board that replaces the single 5547 chip with a pair of 5781 or 5791 chips. Not sure how much dynamic range improvement could be expected that way (for source material that could take advantage of it)
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