Halo2 Leaked!
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I wouldnt play/download it if I were you - MS is pretty darn serious about this issue and who knows what strategies they have in place to curb the effects of this leak.

Wait like everybody else and buy the full retail version. This is just to show those "hackers" that they cannot spoil the show for everyone because they didnt have the $$$ to wait and buy the full package.

Maybe they do have the $$$ but decided to screw it up for everyone else anyway. Thankfully the release date is still the same as before...

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It's the Frogs! It's the FROGS! Blame France!

I so look forward to this game, and I may even get Live to play it online. I sure don't mind paying the £30 it cost... however I do understand that some may be having trouble holding themselves back when one can get it now from the 'net. My xbox isn't modded though so I couldn't play the leaked version even if I wanted to.

I'm really not sure if I find it wrong. While I generally don't find the software business to be as 'ugly' as the music industry, I do think prices are a bit harsh. A game legally obtained in Denmark through a Danish retailer is nearly a hundred bucks(for a xbox game)! Who gets the extra money (US version is probably 50 bucks)? I doubt it's Bungie (who I of course don't mind paying to...)

Edit: Does somebody know why it's called 'going gold' when the development is over and the game is copied?
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Originally Posted by gsferrari
I wouldnt play/download it if I were you - MS is pretty darn serious about this issue and who knows what strategies they have in place to curb the effects of this leak.

This is a quote from Bungie's homepage about the leak:

Microsoft is currently engaged in a full scale investigation and to those foolish enough to partake in this piracy, you will soon witness the firepower of this fully operational battle station.
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As usual, it was probably some game reviewer who got an advanced copy who let it out, since the game was admittedly already complete, rather than some Bungie developer.
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Pff...I'm all for Bungie profiting from this game, but F microsoft. The whole, "Bungie Community, we need your help" bit rather irks me. I'm not going to help Microsoft maximize its profit margins.
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The whole bungie forums has been trying to catch and report people who have the leak or are letting other people have it. I`m talking about 11 yr olds e-mailing msoft and reporting...this is very serious.

Go to bungie.net forums

Also i am a HUGE fan of halo2, can`t wait till Nov 9th. Check out Halo2.com, people have already figured out what those messages are.
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IIRC going gold has to do with the gold colored master that was sent to the cd factory in earlier days...

edit: I was right I looked it up:

GOLD MASTER Definition
GOLD MASTER - The final beta version of a program that is ready to be released to the public. The entire goal of the beta process is to arrive at the gold master candidate. Once it is tested successfully, it becomes the gold master and is shipped out to be duplicated (if it's a CD or floppy) and/or uploaded to the Web. The process of creating the gold master is often referred to as "going gold," or you could say that certain software "went gold" when the golden master was released.

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