Half Decent Optical Cable?
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So, I take it there's no difference between optical cables in the same way there's no difference between HDMI cables?

That is not true of HDMI. As the revisions progress, so does the required bandwidth on the cable.
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Cables To Go 45457 2m SonicWave Glass Toslink Cable @ YourCableHookup.com is the cheapest place I found for impact acoustics sonicwave glass toslink cables. I use the 2m one, it's thick as hell.

If you want, here's a very interesting read (propaganda) on optical cables.

Optical Interconnect Basics

I have that identical cable from another manufacturer -- they are all generics. It works very well and I use it regularly. Although I think I paid $29 for it.
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Yes, yes. But my cable boasts, quote, an "incredible 70mm bend radius". They might all be made out of the same generic materials though, but only the manufacturers know for sure and I don't expect an honest answer if they are all the same.
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I purchased these SonicWave .5m and 3m cables from Parts Express and I am very impressed. I have over 4 different brands (from cheap plastic to Monster) and I "truly" heard a difference with these. To put it in words, they just sounded closest to my Canare/BlueJeans coax S/PDIF. Very flexible.
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I've used BJC optical cables in my HT. Never had a problem and their customer service is excellent.

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