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Gustard X20 DAC

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by stuartmc, Sep 8, 2015.
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  1. Quadman
    Ric's Level 1 mod involves wrapping the fuse in copper foil, essentially saying you have no fuse. The 2 units I modded I wrapped the fuse in foil as well. I don't ever remember having a solid state line level pre-amp, phono amp, dac or cd player ever blow a fuse. So no this shouldn't happen much if at all.
  2. Excellence 5
    Problem solved.

    As mentioned by someone, the cause was indeed the CPU: the usage was not so high using my old Intel Core Duo E8400 processor (around 40%), and the DSD 512 sound also became intermitten using an i5 laptop.

    Now I have got an i7-7700K: the CPU usage is up to 11% only, but its speed goes up to 4,45 GHz! The other CPUs are not so fast, that's why the sound was intermittent while playing DSD 512.
  3. wwmhf
    I have similar experience with fuse in my sound equipment. Only one amp had its fuse burnt, it kept burning fuse so the my local repair shot could not even get it fixed.
  4. Triplefun
    Please could you try daphile loaded from a USB stick and as such does not interfere with your windows settings.
    I am interested in the CPU loadings and relative sq. Note the daphile power settings where you can fine tune the CPU.
  5. wwmhf
    Hi, Triplefun, Can X20+daphile do DSD256 upsampling for you? I used the X20+daphile configuration for a while, I liked it but this configuration could only do DSD128 upsampling for me.
  6. Triplefun
    Yes, very much so. The latest releases fixed a number of linux USB connectivity issues.
  7. AltCtrl
    Any thoughts on this DAC?
  8. rafabro
    Ares has separate thread on this forum.
  9. chris.egeskov
    Very interesting :)
  10. TPSRA
    Just pre-ordered their new 9038 dac X22, should be arriving mid-December.
    I sold my X20p but I'll have my DA004 to do some comparison!
  11. wwmhf
    Hey, I am just considering whether I should buy X20 pro as my next DAC ...
  12. rafabro
    This will be very interesting comparison.

    What speakers you have?
  13. Tonbas
    Hello everybody,

    is anyone able to help me with this "problem"

    I own a gustard x20 u (no pro) and the singxer SU1

    player software is hqplayer and Jriver.

    I installed the latest firmware for the singxer and the holo driver for native dsd.

    I do not manage to play dsd 512 native, dsd 256 plays very good.

    I tried many settings but when i play dsd 512 i hear a strange whistling sound, distortion, white noise

    no hicks and cpu usage is not high.

    After 20-30 seconds the noise dissapears and dsd 512 sounds great

    the problem is the same by jriver and hqplayer

    The hdmi cable between singxer and gustard is 0.5 mtr audioquest cinnamon.

    Sorry for my bad english.

    Greetings, Ton from Holland
  14. rafabro
    In JRiver settings increase buffer size to 256 or even to maksimum. Test required value, depends on CPU performance also.
  15. Triplefun
    Can someone please confirm that a gustard x20u with only a mod1 (ie no replacement of any electrical components) and unmodded singxter su-1 (other than loading of the latest firmware and appropriate i2s HDMI dip switch settings) supports dsd512 over i2s.
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