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Gustard X20 DAC

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by stuartmc, Sep 8, 2015.
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    It was more than 2 years ago as I borrowed VEGA and tried it at home.
    My impression at that time was that VEGA was not for me.   I returned it next day and borrowed INVICTA MIRUS, which I liked much more.
    VEGA and INVICTA MIRUS being without I2S input, neither of them could become my choice.
    VEGA is with x1 ES9018, whereas INVICTA MIRUS and DAC-X20 with x2.
  2. scontin
    So no one has compared  Gustard X20U vs Audio-gd NFB-7(2015)?
  3. nc42acc
    I have left my X20 on the Sharp setting by default and had not really thought about changing. With the last few post discussing the differences I switched over to the Slow setting for this mornings listening session. I really didn't think it could get better but the change was definitely to the better. All I can say it added some of the attributes I like in the Gungnir. To me it softened some of the hard edges and added a little more 3 dimensional roundness. No loss of the pin point detail and airiness I have come to love about this DAC.
  4. nc42acc
    Where can these be purchased? I might give one a try.

  5. ansi
  6. nc42acc

    Thanks for the link. I currently have the X20U and was looking for sources to buy the Audio-gd NFB-7(2015).
  7. nc42acc

    Did you use the XLR balanced out or the RCA out on the Vega you borrowed? I have been told the balanced XLR out uses the ORFEO Class-A module and the RCA out does not. Not sure of the truth to this statement.

    I always connect via XLR to my Accuphase C-3800.

    I always connect via XLR to my Accuphase C-3800.
  9. nc42acc
    What did you not like about the Vega?
    Since you own DAC-X20 and are going to get VEGA soon, you will probably know what I mean by "VEGA was not for me".
    I will not write down my impression, whenever it is related to something negative.
  11. nc42acc

    I respect your character MINORISUKE. I am of the same mindset, if you have nothing good to say better to not say anything. I am looking forward to making my own judgments when the Vega arrives next week. Thank you!
  12. stuartmc
    That's what I love about the swabbies on this and the main H10 thread. There is a code of honor aboard the SS Gustard....gentlemen pirates one and all.

    This has been our editorial policy at positive-feedback magazine for many years. We will not publish a trash-em review. We just send the piece back to the manufacturer and gently inform them that in our very personal and subjective opinion, their product is not yet ready for prime time.
  13. nc42acc
    Civility and honor seems to be atypical of hifi forums lately. I think that is a great policy you guys have at PF.

  14. Wil
    Ahoy, maties! 
    New unit - letting it burn in as we speak. But compared to the iDSD that i was previously using, i notice a way larger soundstage with alot of depth. Bass seems to be tighter as well.
    No sibilance whatsoever - smooth and detailed, i expect it will get better!
    (PC->ifi iUSB -> X20 -> V2 (Tesla E88C) -> Hd800 Anaxed) 
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