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Gustard U16 - the first USB Interface featuring ESS USB chip

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by mtoc, Sep 15, 2018.
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  1. allhifi
    rafabro: Using the Gustard U-16 ?

  2. FredA
    There is a thread on xu208 ddcs started by rb2013 two years ago. He went from the Gustard u12 to the di-u8 to the f-1 and stated he prefered the singxer f-1 to the di-u8, which itself he prefered to the u12. And it’s been stated that when fed optimally, the su-1 and f-1 are pretty much equal, @DACLadder did mention this.

    The singxer offerings are reputed since their original release as beating the u12 by a clear margin.

    As for the u16 vs the f-1, IMHO: the f-1 is clearly beaten.

    See the xu208 thread: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/xmo...gen-has-arrived.803111/page-234#post-12867965
  3. allhifi
    Oh man, those are the words that speak magic to me !

    (RE: " ....everything from much better bass articulation with greater dynamic, more airy and better upper frequencies".

    The bass articulation/resolution being particularly telling -of an excellent/accurate design !

    Ever go on sale (U-16), say for $249-$269 ?
    (I realize $299. (US$) is VERY fair, but converted to the crappy/weak CA$ currency, it adds about another $100..... Argghh )

  4. allhifi
  5. rafabro
    Yes I am
  6. FredA
    The allo usbridge together with the u16 and the mentioned chinese hdmi 2.1 cable sound splendidly together. I feed the usbridge with a pair of ultra-low noise chinese lps i got off ebay. I run Volumio. My dac is the audio-gd r-7. We are talking first grade transport IMO. I also have an intona between the usbridge and u16, i should try without at some point out of curiosity,

    If the sounds remains as it has been for the last 3 nights, i would say my setup won’t change for a very long while, not for the basic ingredients at least. I now hear distinctly details that were muffled before. The sound is smooth, relaxed, dynamic. Imaging is accurate, bass, piano and drums, listening to Bill Evans, are all awesome! For the Bill Evans’ fans, this is it! He is in the room as i like to say. Creating this illusion is my reason for having this hobby.
  7. hontored
    Hello !
    I am very interested in the U16.

    I have a few questions :

    Is it working with android ? I use my phone as a digital source. Do you need the 5v tension for the U16 to work ? I mean : do you need a powered usb connection to U16 for it to work as is the case with SU1.

    Do you know what is the connection convention for denafrips products ? Do you have to reverse L/R on a denafrips DAC with standard firmware V1.4 on U16?

    Thanks for any information.
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2019
  8. rafabro
    Phone as a source? :ksc75smile:

    U16 doesn't need USB power as stated few posts before.
    I2S is fully configurable so no reversed LR channels. Also cleared before in thread.
  9. hontored
    Yes phone as a source :wink:. If I understand well upsampling can be done by my dac and in this situation the source is not important once the reclocking has been done by U16.
    Also a phone has an advantage on a computer : low voltage operation meaning less noise...

    From what I understood in previous posts denafrips uses the same hdmi cabling as ps audio (not so sure) in this case v1.4 firmware means reversed L/R.
    I don't intend to flash another firmware unless it corrects the reported problems in this topic. Firmware V1.4 seems to be the most stable.

    So has someone tried to connect an android device to the U16 ?
  10. PitBul34
    Works problemless in PCM & DSD Native modes with my Honor 10 (via Hiby Music player), but sound isn't so good as for Gustard ASIO driver for Windows, imo. DSC00616.JPG DSC00614.JPG
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2019
  11. hontored
    Great !

    Thanks for testing.

    I believe the sound quality should not be lesser in android if you send bitperfect signal to the U16 and let the dac do the oversampling.
  12. motberg
    +1 on the "full nirvana" :ksc75smile:
    after reading of these problems I specifically retried a few 176k and 88k PCM playlists (within the same album, no switching file types within the playlist).
    WIN Server 2012, JPlay with KS, i2s HDMI to NOS7
    No problem using the original PS Audio configured firmware.
    Display on the U16 corresponds to the file resolution.
  13. motberg
    Yep... this is the exact way to describe what I am hearing..
    I previously used; modded SU-1, Tanly, U12, Melodious , W4S, and 3 different Audio-GD model DDC's.
    It is actually easy to compare - even from years back - because some of these low level musical elements layered in the soundfield (especially in the midrange) I am definitely hearing for the first time in songs I have listed to hundreds of times... prior they must have been mashed together in the mix and not noticed.
    And it is not like hitting a few DB EQ in the specific band, it is more like pulling apart the sound elements and isolating them within a front/back layer so that they can be understood within the relationship to the other stuff...
    FredA likes this.
  14. rafabro
    You wrong. The source matters for sound quality. It doesn't matter if it's digital.
    You may just accept, is what it is, and that's fine. But it wont be the hi-end sound.
  15. hontored
    Bits are bits though I admit there may be high end ones :D

    For people wondering about hdmi cables quality :

    But there may also be high end sounding ones...
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