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Gustard U16 - the first USB Interface featuring ESS USB chip

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by mtoc, Sep 15, 2018.
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  1. DACLadder
    The unprotected mode... that's why I like it better perhaps. Makes sense! LOL

    The U16 uses Accusilicon oscillators. Anyone know a vendor that sells Accusilicon oscillators? I would like to modify my DAC if I can find the right type.

    I have called Accusilicon sales offices in California several times and only get a recording. Never a returned call. Just want to know where and how these oscillators can be purchased.
  2. rafabro
    Someone on this or another forum said already that they sell to manufacturers only. No retail. He contacted with them by mail.
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  3. FredA
    Well now i got to try this! This standard mode is calling me!
  4. Whitigir
    Yeah, and they only sell by thousands of unit and not only hundreds :D...it is crazy, BUt their oscilliators are the top of the line for it specs and parameters. Unless OCXO.

    It is possible to upgrade U16 into OCXO if you modify regulator ? But that would be very invasive
  5. wwmhf
    a non-invasive option: external clock?
  6. Chopin75
    What does ST Stand for ? ( I know it is not "sexually transmitted disease"!? )
  7. Chopin75
    Any resellers on Ebay or from Taiwan/Hong Kong? But may be hard to confirm origin.
  8. DACLadder
    @Chopin75 I believe ‘STD’ on the U16 implies “standard” vs 0 dB. But could be wrong (not the first time).

    I can’t find any information describing the differences.
  9. FredA
    You are right about the std mode. I think it’s more raw, more lively. Whatever it is. The 0db can be a little too polite for specific albums. But I still have to try others hdmi cables. The f-1, on the best nights would be as good if not a tad better. But on average, the u16 is safely on top.

    So far, what i like the most about the u16 is the fact that the sound is pretty much the same from one night to the other, and it’s more laid back.
  10. rafabro
    All you need to do is provide clock signal to pcb. New (any) clock can be powered from separate voltage regulator.

    Are the Accusilicone so good? I dont know that and have no prove or someone opinion after test even. Datasheet never says anything about sound quality.

    I know one thing. In my Gustard X20 was Accusilicone clock and I replaced it :wink:
  11. Thenewguy007
    How do you guys replace the clock? Does it just pry/snap off or is it soldered on
  12. FredA
    I check my settings this morning and realized that i was in 0 db mode. Maybe the perceived impression of change i got was from the fact the gustard was cold.or just the new fw.

    Anyway, i switced to the std mode to find out what it was: it allows hw volume control. The 0 dB makes the volume fixed.i had a clue from the fact that the volume was not at 100% but much attenuated. I activacted hw volume control in volumio and was able to change the gustard’s volume level from volumio. But in the end, just disabled all this and set the u16 to 0dB.

    Just received my 1 meter black mamba hdmi cable. So far, i would say it sounds more dynamic compared to the primecables mamba series .5 meter. Enjoyable sound, even cold out of my frozen mail box.
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2019
  13. FredA
    Just realize the new fw does not play 192/24 file properly. Square-wave-like sound. Anyone else with the same issue?
  14. Albrecht
    Happy New Year
    Yes, - I had and sold the Matrix2. I gave the Matrix more than 2 months of run-in and found it to be significantly worse than the F-1. The Gustard u16 blows the Matrix away. I am going to compare the u16 to the F-1 this weekend. I am loving the u16.
  15. Albrecht
    I really have to agree with all of that. I loved the F-1 and thought that it blew-away the SU-1 and the Matrix2 and several other USB to SPDIF Converters that I have tried. This weekend I will do a shootout. Unlike the SU-1, modifying the u16 with a DC LPS would be a PITA and I wouldn't even consider doing it myself.
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