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Gustard U16 - the first USB Interface featuring ESS USB chip

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by mtoc, Sep 15, 2018.
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  1. Thenewguy007
    Anyone with the modded SU-1 & burned in U16 still think the SU-1 is better with soundstage & the top end?

    The "smoother" sound signature of the U16 can be a big plus to some systems, but also a negative to other systems that may already sound smooth as they are.
  2. rafabro
    Smooth doesn't mean flat. It means fluid. I can't imagine any system this wouldn't match. It's like good CD player. They always more smooth then USB interface in general. U16 is changing this. Is bringing naturalness.
    Like I said before, U16 is better than modded SU-1.

    About power cable. I use Furutech S032 & FI28/38 G. I tried also DH Labs Black and was OK, better than standard cable but Furutech improved timber and balans.
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  3. FredA
    Fluid is the word. You don’t loose anything in exchange. No tradeoff. Just a more analog yet more resolved sound. The u16 is an outstanding value.
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  4. jimmychan
    Smooth & Fluid simply translates into less jitter.
  5. darren700
    Thanks, i was wondering the same thing about diminishing returns on the power cable. i have already sunk a decent amount of money into HDMI cables anyways.... just ordered a Audioquest 0.5mm Chocolate HDMI to try!

    the Furutech cable you use should be at a similar level as the Audio Sensibility Impact SE Power Cable (HPOFC Copper) i plan to use, (but yours has better connectors). so that's good news to me! Thanks
    Last edited: Dec 31, 2018
  6. MarkR7
    Read thru the entire thread folks, and learned a lot about the U16. Great info!

    Has anyone compared the U16 to the Matrix X-SPDIF2? I use one with an Uptone LPS1.2 power supply, and I like it a lot. Just wondering if I can improve on my system by incorporating the U16, and by what aspects?

    Happy New Year!!
  7. wwmhf
    I got mine today.

    1. I bought it from the bay on Dec. 26 with free shipping. I am still in amazement how the seller could ship it so fast from China to Virginia. There was even a weekend in between.
    2. I think the firmware in this unit is 1.58
    3. I am using it with a Gustard X20 DAC. The configuration of U16 + X20 can upsample my CD wave files to DSD256 through forbar2000 well. But it has some difficulty when upsampling to DSD512, there are some random noise/pops once in while. I am not 100% sure whose problem is, but I think X20 itself cannot handle DSD512 well.
  8. rafabro
    Increase buffer size in player, may help with pops.
  9. wwmhf
    Thanks for the suggestion, and I am experimenting it. However, I believe the problem is more on the X20 DAC.
  10. wwmhf
    My U16 came with no power cable, but it came with an USB cable.
  11. batfier
    are you sure with the firmware version? only know 1.4 so far.
  12. wwmhf
    It also came with a small CD containing the following stuffs:

    1. User's manual V1.2.pdf
    2. Firmware upgrade tutorial V0.1.pdf
    3. USB driver
    4. Firmware Rom V1.2 and Rom V1.4
    5. Some files related with forbar2000
  13. wwmhf
    I used the firmware update software to check the firmware version, and it reported that the current version is:

    GSD U16 V1.58 STD Dec 12 201810:35:00

    by which I think the firmware in this U16 is 1.58
  14. darren700
    hmm that is very interesting,
    If they are now shipping with V 1.58 I wonder when they will provide the other versions of the firmware for download.
    Since I am connecting to an Audio-GD R2R7 I2S I will need to flash to V1.4 PSA when my unit arrives... I wonder if there is a newer V1.58 "PSA" Firmware also but its just not uploaded yet??

    I just checked the linked firmware download page from shenzhen audio and it still only shows V1.4.
  15. wwmhf
    I agree that it is a little confusing. Because CD in the package contains the firmware V1.4, I thought I should upgrade the firmware to that version. But after I started the firmware update software, it indicated that the firmware in this U16 is newer. So, I ended with doing nothing.
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