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Gustard U16 - the first USB Interface featuring ESS USB chip

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by mtoc, Sep 15, 2018.
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  1. rafabro
    I was comparing Wireworld, Audioquest and few other in similar price range and I stayed with AQ Carbon. Most natural and detailed sound.
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  2. motberg
    I think that is the same model I am using, mine is a very stiff cable but the cable stayed in place at the required position (the connectors are 90 degrees to each other).
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  3. DACLadder
    The flat Wireworld cables are also difficult to fit. Extremely stiff especially with the required 90 deg. twist going from U16 to AGD DAC.

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  4. FredA
  5. FredA
    After 24hours, the u16 sounds rather dull. It’s lacking dynamics. And imaging is not there yet, no depth. But it sounds smooth.

    Plus the soundstage is narrow compared to the f-1. Cheap hdmi cable contributing to this? Maybe. Needs more burn in, for sure.
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  6. motberg
    This looks like a Starlight 0.3M.. I have one of these also (on the SU-1/R1) and a while ago I compared to the Silversonic 0.5M.
    I ended up sticking with the Starlight 0.3M at the time...
    Also, an older model Ultraviolet 5.2 at 0.3M to me was indistinguishable from the 0.3M Starlight.

    I also tried a 1M Starlight. I sensed some confusion in the soundfield, but that could surely have been 100% expectation bias as even at 1M I did not notice any dropouts or similar.
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  7. rafabro
    Could be part of this. But as I said before, you need to wait around 200h to have this settled.
  8. FredA
  9. DACLadder
    That is correct WW Starlight 5.2 (red). My first HDMI cable that I picked it as it was the shortest cable I could find at 0.3m. And even using it today with the U16. Sounds the same as the Silver Starlight 6 in the same length. In generally, but not always, cables 0.5m and below sound good. Get over 1m in length and I can tell a difference. Understandable as jitter increases as signals deteriorate propagating down the wires.

    Somewhere out there is a new HDMI 2.0 that is cheap and sounds OK. And use only enough cable length to get the job done.
  10. DACLadder
    @FredA Going forward HDMI 2.1 spec cables may be the way to go. Impedance control has to be extremely accurate to transfer data at 48Gbs for 8K video. These cables will loafing along with 24Mhz audio data.
  11. FredA
    My primecables mamba series .5m sounds great today.

    As for the 2.1 above, i a ordered a 1m but was tempted to go 1.5m as recommended by offramp. 0.5 was not available from this seller.
    Last edited: Dec 24, 2018
  12. FredA
    This is what i call making room for the u16. On the left, of course, the guest of honor, in the middle, from bottom to top, a lps to feed the intona (on the shelf below), a lps to feed the rpi, and the rpi itself, secured with an elastic band to its lps. On the right, the nfb-1amp.

    Last edited: Dec 24, 2018
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  13. peteg
    Bought one on ebay will be a little while before I get it, has anyone listen to the new Singxer su-6 yet. I'm using a modded Singxer su-1 now but had a Gustard u12.
  14. FredA
    The su-6 is ridiculously expensive imo, although it features a super capacitor psu. The u16 is most likely a better value. Even with the top notch psu, i find the asking price of the su-6 unjustified. The u16 seems to have been designed from a clean sheet and gives you your money worth and more, like the f-1 did when introduced. Given how fast things evolve with these ddcs, the su-6 is not an interesting deal, to me at least.
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  15. rafabro
    Another good thing about U16. If you cut the power in USB socket, the SQ will increase even more. Cleaner, deeper sound stage.
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