Gustard H20 headphone amp

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by mtoc, May 22, 2017.
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  1. curt jester
    Sorry,I'm not a tinkerer,but if I'm happy with the sound,why would I bother ?..
  2. bunkbail
    It's part of the fun with these kinds of amp though, like the H10 (most of the discussions on the H10 thread are op-amp swabbing related). But I respect of your decision to not mess around with them, cheers.
  3. sebna
    Can you let us know what is your source / transport? Have you tried H20 with any different HPs by any chances? Also what kind of music you were using for your tests with which you had problems understanding vocals before?

    I must say that I never had experience like you are describing. If I had problems understanding vocal no matter the upping of the gear quality it has always stayed that way :). Usually those problems are part of recording rather then ability of gear to resolve details. But then, even tough I heard few systems in my life and few items in my own system it is only a drop in the ocean and maybe I never encountered combination causing such problems.

    (Also English is not my native language so in general some lyrics are hard for me to decipher and maybe being native speaker and combination of nice quality jump from AMP does make such difference in nuances of understanding of quite often some mumbling in the background :wink: which is beyond my reach)

    Tell us more please
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  4. curt jester
    I'm listening to FLAC files played on an alienware laptop,through a Chord mojo into the amp...Music is pretty varied,but no hip-hop,metal or that ilk,so,think Bob Dylan,Joan Baez,Natalie Merchant type of thing,also likes of Drive by Truckers and Folkie,country rock....varied but with caveats,i suppose.
    When I talk about words being clearer,for example,on Bob's-tangled up in blue,where the line the crowd thinned out-I'd never made out the word "thinned" before.It never really bothers me that much,let's face it,your brain will fill in the blanks as it sees fit,similar to a word being obscured in a paragraph,you fit in what you believe and only change on more information being received. As for other headphones I've given it listen with old AKG K340 and a pair of Fostex TH500,but still prefer the Hifiman....
    It may be prudent to point out I'm pushing 60,so high frequency response of the ears is definitely tailing off,and that will certainly affect how I perceive sound now,also,I've never used balanced connections before and that also would be affecting how I'm judging the sound from the amp.
  5. BassDigger
    Not "in the team"?!? Curt, you are now. In fact, you're the team leader!
    £630 is a good price, especially delivered (to the UK, I guess). I'm glad your first impressions are good. As i'm sure that you're aware, Gustard amps have reputation for needing some time to run in. So, it will be great if you can post some further details. I, for one, am interested the know about the frequency extremes, compared to the H10: I expect that the H20 has much better resolved treble, and probably more even and extended bass (that's my wish list, anyway).

    It's looking less likely that I'll be joining this ship, and becoming a 'fully paid up' member of the H20 crew: I've just taken delivery of a more 'experimental' amp, that I'm hoping to have the time, and cause, to write some superlative laden posts in another thread. However, I haven't even plugged the thing in yet, so never say never.

    Some seem more interested in their op-amps, than their amps. Don't they? :L3000:
  6. Fatdoi
    Massdrop just listed it for $800
  7. emrelights1973
    İt is Strange that h10 is so popular but this one is total silent

    Does it have a remote?
  8. curt jester
    No,no remote I'm afraid.......
  9. BassDigger
    Strange indeed!
    No disrespect to the current commenters (of which, I am one), but maybe it has something to do with not being picked up by some of the more popular posters. I seem to remember that's when the H10 thread really took off. A H10 thread that sometimes discussed a 'H20 wishlist'. Well, here it is, but there's more tumbleweeds than commenters. :deadhorse:
  10. firegon
    Sadly it's not entry level anymore. With the increase in price, things like warranty or availability in stores get more important. Obviously nobody wants their 800$ amp to spontaneously combust or fry their headphones.
    Aaaand it competes with amps like used BHA-1 with 15+ years of warranty.

    We need to wait a bit longer, I honestly believe it might be the next "best buy" in its price. Obviously judging by the specs and experience with H10.
    Last edited: Dec 30, 2017
  11. BassDigger
    Yeah, sure, with the higher price the pool of potential buyers is bound to be smaller. Factor this in with the fact that many still regard all Chinese products as something of a risky purchase, and the price has far more significance.

    I guess what would really kick things off is, firstly more feedback (especially if it's good) from people who have actually heard the thing; and secondly (going back to my last post) some pleasant superlatives from an experienced listener who can compare it to a known (and respected) quantity.

    EDIT: A BHA-1 with HD800, you do like your detail! :)
    Last edited: Dec 30, 2017
  12. sahmen
    Well, I am really tempted to hop on the Massdrop train, because of my He-6... But then I have the Violectric V281 and the Audiogd NFB1 amp, both of which I love very much. So what to do? I am only tempted because I wonder whether the He-6 would perform better on the H20... I wish someone would give me a definitive sign...:)
  13. bunkbail
    Buy it, for science. Put them against each other and sell the losers. :ksc75smile:
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  14. BassDigger
    It would be an interesting match: NFB-1 vs H20. I have a feeling the H20 would probably edge out the Agd. However, those he-6s need power and plenty of voltage with it. I'm not sure if the H20 will out-do the nfb1 here.

    IMO you seem to have scrimped on your amp selection: you've a selection of pretty serious headphones there, but just a couple of mid-fi amps. And on another (off-topic) note: I'm curious to know how those amps of yours compare with each other. I had a H10 (essentially a Violectric clone), and was considering replacing it with an NFB-1, until I got something else.
  15. sahmen
    Last edited: Dec 31, 2017
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