Gustard H20 headphone amp

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by mtoc, May 22, 2017.
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  1. mandrake50
    It does. Part of the allure of the H10 was it's modest price and the ability to easily roll opamps. While the H20 is not expensive, it likely will not appeal to the same buyers. I also did not see that the LM49720 chips are socketed. But this is difficult for me to see from the one picture of the internals that is available.
    I still may be interested, but it will need to sound significantly better than the H10 to make that happen, and better than some of the other amps that I have around the same price,... or Massdrop will need to drop it and knock 40% off of the pricing that I see now. I impatiently await reviews.
  2. mtoc
    Noise figure. Not something common stuff. H10 is 10uv.

  3. daltonlanny
    These seem to be available for sale in the US now.
    Has anyone bought one yet?
  4. mandrake50
    Where did you see them for sale?
  5. daltonlanny
  6. daltonlanny
    Also available to purchase from AliExpress, and Shenzhen Audio from China.
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  7. canthearyou
    From the pics on Shenzhen it looks like the op-amps are swappable.
  8. wwmhf
    I hope so, but I did not see any swappable op-amps in those pictures posted on
  9. canthearyou
    I could be wrong but they look to be in sockets. Screenshot_20170927-110852.jpg
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  10. wwmhf
    Thanks for showing that to me, I overlooked. My guess at this moment is that those might be single op-amps.

    This is good. I enjoy H10 very much because its op-amps swappable. It seems like that H20 can also bring similar funs to us.
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  11. daltonlanny
    According to the specs this is a fairly powerful amp. Should be able to drive about any headphone out there.
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  12. BassDigger
    AaaHah!!! The H20 is available (in some parts ) at last! It's been a long time, waiting.

    I had an H10 and enjoyed it. As others have said, it's good for the money. A solid performer, with plenty of power and control.
    Like Accurate Audio, Gustard based the H10 on the Violectric V200. But, I think that the Gustard is potentially the best version, if the dual transformer design is anything to go by. However, it seems that the H10 also has the limitations of the Violectric design: namely some noticeable roll-off at the frequency extremes. Playing with the op-amps changes things, a little, but the overall sound is still the same.

    The new H20 looks very interesting! And, at over three times the price (I paid) for the H10, I would be truly disappointed if it isn't.

    Having sold my H10, to upgrade to something that isn't 'rolled-off', I'm currently looking for a new amp. Although the H20 price would be pushing my budget, I'm happy to pay that much, if I think it's worth it. Also, I have easy access to the Chinese market place. The H20 should be well worth a try.

    I say "should", because I also have to remember a chief competitor: another Chinese manufacturer who has been around for a while, sells internationally, has an extensive range of well reviewed products (at very competitive prices), and also offers an impressive 10 year guarantee: Audio-GD. Forgetting about products from the US based manufacturers, the main competition seems to be the Audio GD NFB1 amp: it has very similar attributes to the H20 (9 watts; balanced or single-ended operation; lots of connections; relay/resistor(?) volume control, etc), and it offers remote control operation. AND it's available for 3/5s the price that the H20 is currently available for! I think the only thing that stopping the NFB1 from being THE 'go to' amp, in this price category, is that it's from China. But, we're not bothered about that, are we?
    And that's not it. If, like me, you're prepared to take the risk of buying something a bit more 'hobbyist' from China, there are no end of designs for you to try. I'm going to take the plunge, and try a Chinese made Kevin Gilmore design. Kevin Gilmore, the man who thinks that Cavalli amps are overpriced, and Audio-GD offer a lot for the money. I should be rolling up my sleeves, (finding, dusting off, and) plugging in my soldering iron, and building my own. But, when the ready-made items are just a few clicks away, they seem like much less of a risk!

    I don't know if anyone, with a better eye for this kind of thing, can see if the H20 is based (like the H10) on another design, or if this an 'all new', Gustard created, amplifier? It would be interesting to know. Tantalisingly, Huang's Taobao listing mentions "KG gold tune" capacitors. I wonder which 'KG' this is, and if it has any relevance to the overall design?!?

    Anyways, I'll be keeping an eye on this thread (and anywhere else) in the hope of seeing some solid feedback about the performance of the H20: I'm a very interested observer. Heck! If the feedback is that good, then I'll get one myself, and leave my own comments. :beerchug:

    Edit: Spurred by some references at the beginning of this thread, I've just googled a certain 'liquid' amp. Hmmmm! I wonder if appearances are anything to judge by?!?
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  13. jeffhawke
    Personally, I'd rather go for the Audio-gd 2017 NFB-1AMP, at about half the price
  14. mandrake50
    Care to mention why that would be?
    I know you said "personally" , but I would like to think that you have some reasons for the opinion.

    By any chance, have you listened to both?

    I am truly interested.
  15. jeffhawke
    No, I only listened to the NFB-1AMP, and and found it beautifully neutral and transparent, with a high degree of technical sophistication (such as the current system inputs and relay controlled volume). Also, its low output impedance (1ohm) allows it to drive very sensitive iems. Specs being not too different, I would definitely love to give a listen to the H20 implementation, but it would have to be a major audible improvement vis-a-vis the Audio-gd for me to justify spending twice as much for the H20.
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