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Gustard H20 headphone amp

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by mtoc, May 22, 2017.
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  1. mtoc
    No specs yet (I know this sounds silly, but when you have no way to listen to, the only the way that makes sense is the specs), might be a high power gear, btw, the design guy uses Liquid Gold for years, so H20 gotta be some LG sound-alike, just assuming.
  2. TPSRA
    The feedback in China is pretty good, some said it's comparable to Liquid Gold.
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  3. mtoc
    I'm gonna pull the trigger and eat the bullet if it's below $600. Haven't find any satified hp amp yet (nor DAC), audio industry is full of deep(ly) flaws, /flawed notions. /full of frost. It's far from perfect/satisfied. it has op amps in signal paths

    looks good for orths though

    I hate digtial vol and I hate crappy analog pots, but I usually use PC's vol due to lazyness, don't wanna move my fat ass during causal listening
    it includes a remote (or maybe not, canceled i guess)
    Relay vol also has all kinds of topology, but I'm too tired to ask them which kind they've used (they didn't choose the best option, I'm sure, budget talks/takes it all)
    I have to make sure that the unit I receive will have the white omron relay as in the photos (these white stuff are not bad, but pretty good choice, the resistors could be modded but I'm gonna leave them alone)
    at least the output z is pretty low 0.x ohm level
    and high power
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  4. TPSRA
    Ouch, msrp in China is 5380 rmb with is around 800 usd
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  5. mandrake50
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  6. mandrake50
    From Aliexpress:

    Gordon GUSTARD H20 amp; pre-class full-balanced class A headphone amplifier;
    Song Shide H20 technical characteristics:

    • The post-stage amplifier circuit uses its own application for many years to separate the sub-line, each channel 2 pairs of power tube, a total of 8 pairs of power tube;

    • Each channel uses two independent amplifying units to form a symmetrical output line, which outputs both single-ended and balanced;

    • The front class consists of a separate 4-way amplifier circuit, using two LM49720 dual op amp;

    • Have a separate pre-stage output, can be connected to active speakers or pure after the class;

    • The use of matrix relay volume, effective to ensure that 4-way volume unanimous;

    • Native full-balanced architecture, from input to volume control to before and after zoom, without any conversion, complete four-way architecture;
    • Equipped with third gear gain (high middle low), amp and line (XLR) at the same time;

    • There are three inputs: RCA * 1, XLR * 2 \
    • The left and right channels each adopt a custom 50W audio ring transformer, completely independent of each other without interference;

    • All aluminum chassis, full silver and all black colors available;

    • Machine size: width 330 * deep 260 * high 65MM (without protruding parts);

    • Packaging size: length 420 * wide 360 * high 175MM;

    • Package weight: 6.5KG;

    • International voltage AC100V-240V (manual adjustment);

    • XLR interface definition: US standard (1, 2 hot, 3 cold).

    H20 Parameters:

    • Analog input:
    RCA standard input group, input sensitivity typical value: 2Vrms; input impedance 47kΩ
    XLR balanced input two groups, input sensitivity typical: 6Vrms; input impedance 2.4kΩ

    • Front analog output (XLR):
    Output impedance 200Ω
    Frequency response: 20-80kHz /-0.1dB
    Signal to noise ratio:> 122dB
    Channel crosstalk: -130dB @ 1kHz
    THD + N: <0.0004%
    IMD: <0.0004%

    • amp output:
    Frequency response: 20-80kHz /-0.1dB
    Signal to noise ratio:> 120dB
    Channel crosstalk: -120dB @ 1kHz
    THD + N: <0.0005% @ 6000mW into 32Ω LOAD
    IMD: <0.0005% @ 6000mW into 32Ω LOAD
    Maximum distortion output power 6000mW into 32Ω LOAD
    Maximum output power 12000mW @ 32Ω (when THD = 1%)

    • Load power:
    64Ω 5360mW
    150Ω 2680mW
    300Ω 1340mW
    600Ω 670mW
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  7. wwmhf
    It seems to be a capable amp! But the price ...
  8. TPSRA
    I doubt that's legit bc Gustard said they are still looking for transformer for 110V, there's only 220V version right now.
    Also 5380rmb=800usd, 1300-800 = 500 importer took $500 to their pocket...
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  9. mandrake50
    Can you tell us where you are reading the information on this amp?
    I would be interested in following its development too.
  10. canthearyou
  11. TPSRA
    5380 rmb.
    Roughly translated to "H20 is limited to China right now, distributors please don't release on international platform. Currently there's only 230V version."
  12. AlexRoma
    Even below 1000$ I wouldn't try it considering the almost end-game, trusted options like
    * Shiit Audio mjolnir (850$)
    * Cayin iHA-6 (Auralic Taurus clone, no preamp) for 999$ and
    * Auralik Taurus MKII for slightly more - 1500$ brand new. King of all SS amps.

    I wander if there are any headphones, planar, dynamic or whatever that will really benefit from more power Taurus provide (Stax is an exception)
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 8, 2018
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  13. mandrake50
    Well, You name some fine amps here. Still, I would like to see what people say about the amp... after they hear it. I am going by my experience with the H10. I find it to be a very nice amp for the price. So I think I will give it a chance. If they run some hot deal on Massdrop, I may even pick one up to try.
  14. l1ghtm4st3r
  15. canthearyou
    Very nice! Has some great specs!
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