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Gustard H10 + Burson V5 upgrade (V5 Dual x 2, V5 Single x 2)

Discussion in 'Amplification For Sale / Trade' started by Rutti, Dec 18, 2017.
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  1. Rutti
    For Sale
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    I've moved to a TOTL IEM setup (Noble k10 + Chord Mojo). I've also sold my Audeze LCD-2:s so this device sadly doesn't get any use. The Burson V5:s are totally new since the last ones broke! I haven't even opened the package yet. I didn't find the last original OPamp so that is missing. But they only cost 3 dollars.

    The amp is perfect for the LCD-2:s, the amp is also a "better" version of the Vioelectric V200:s.

    I can ship anywhere, you'll have to pay for the shipping though. IMG_0917.jpg IMG_0915.jpg IMG_0916.jpg IMG_0919.jpg IMG_0917.jpg IMG_0915.jpg IMG_0916.jpg IMG_0919.jpg
    Last edited: Dec 18, 2017
  2. idjovani

    I am willing to buy it - where are you located, can you ship to Canada?

  3. jazzk
    hey there i too am interested shipping to us zip 29928 south carolina how much if not already sold
  4. riton66
  5. alphameridian0
  6. Rutti
    I've been away on a vacation and I've just tested the Gustard H10 and there seems to come a hissing noise from the right ear canal. From what I've read this should be due to a faulty transmitter (which costs around 10 dollars to replace). The hissing only starts after around 1 hour of use of the amp. I will look into the problem and hopefully get it fixed.

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