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  1. grawk
    I think the theory is relatively straight forward.  You need a barrel long enough to burn all the powder and get all the gas expansion you're going to get, and no more.  Once you've used up the propellant, you just have drag from the barrel.
  2. Anaxilus
    Ah, so it's because it's a pistol round being used in what is effectively a carbine at 18".  Makes sense, thx.
  3. pigmode
    It could be speculated that there were two loads available in 45 acp--for pistols and submachine guns, just as there is for 9mm today.
  4. Anaxilus
    This is true but would the second load take advantage of a full 18" BATF friendly barrel?  Even the sub Tommies are 10-11".
  5. SoupRKnowva
    Anyone have any experience shooting the HK MR556A1?
  6. intoflatlines
    FOID card should be arriving soon.. and I'm looking to pick up my first gun. After going to the range with a few buddies and shooting a bunch of different handguns, I'm really leaning towards the M&P 9mm full size kit.. thoughts?
  7. leftnose Contributor
    I loooove my M&P9 FS,  In fact, I have two M&Ps, the full size and a 5" Pro.  Much better feeling in the hand than a Glock and is proving lately to be just as reliable.  9mm is a smart choice if only for slightly cheaper ammo for practice.
  8. intoflatlines
    How do you like the 5"? Was thinking about that model but I'm liking the kit with 3 mags, holster, speedloader, etc. I'm doing 9mm for cheaper ammo, probably would just load up with some good hollow points for the home for now..
  9. leftnose Contributor
    I like the 5" a lot but it is really a target gun.  If I could only have one, it would be the FS.  The "improved" trigger of the Pro isn't that much better.  Both of my M&Ps have Apex DCAEK kits and RAMs (a very worthwhile upgrade).
    The kits are hard to find.  You might have to get a standard model and add the speedloader (a standard UpLULA -- worth the money no matter what), mags, and holster on your own.  If you have to go this route, look at Raven Concealment holsters. 
    Also think about taking the Utah concealed carry class (offered at GAT Guns in Dundee).  It's valid in WI so it does afford you some chance to carry as needed.
  10. intoflatlines
    Good info, thanks! I found the FS kit in stock at 2 stores that I've looked at, so that's a plus. My GF is taking the women's handgun class at GAT next month, that CCW class there sounds pretty good.
    Another possiblity is a Glock 17 gen 3, but after feeling how nice the M&P is in my hand, I don't think I'll go that route.
  11. Szadzik
    Would sign up for this thread if I had a gun, but I do not. I wish however, that Amazon send me one instead of a TV next time I order one :wink:
    Guns are all around me every day, thousands of them, they get boring.
  12. leftnose Contributor
    Then you're around the wrong kinds of guns.  They should never get boring.
    I just finished shooting the World FITASC Championship which was held at my gun club outside Chicago last week (last year it was in France, next year in Spain).  It's a big deal.
    It was fun walking around the vendors and seeing things like:
    and things like:
    Plus shooting several tournaments worth about 700 shells over 6 days.  Definitely not boring!
  13. xxhaxx
    :D Subscribed 
    all I have so far is a  :D CZ75 .40SW and  Adam Arms ar15.
    [​IMG] Having multiple hobbies is bad for my wallet especially as a college student [​IMG]
  14. Szadzik
    I am talking about the real guns, those used to shoot to kill on a regular basis.
  15. leftnose Contributor
    Uh, sorry, but even a BB gun is a "real" gun.  Yours is a pretty f'd up definition.  All guns should be treated with respect and their end use doesn't make them more or less "real."
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