Guitar-fi anyone?

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  1. Muinarc
    Very nice! A fellow lefty [​IMG]
    I learned guitar right handed however. When making the decision I decided if Mark Knopfler can do it, so can I.
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  2. MiLeX
    Yeah a lefty, well spotted. :D
    However, I regret to not have learned many things the way a right handed person would do it, e.g Guitar, Mouse... etc. 
    So many products available, but dare trying to find something tailormade for lefties, we are so limited in our options, it's just sad.  
  3. Muinarc
    Yeah that's one of the reasons I learned guitar righty, just like being an audiophool, I knew I'd get gear lust and lefty gear is not at all easy to find :frowning2:
  4. rammastaaz
    Love that shade of purple!
  5. addylo
    Just got this new Epi ES-335 Pro in January.  I love the action of this thing.
  6. Muinarc
    Nice photo! Now show us the rest of it! What amp are you playing it through?
  7. Podster
    A little Friday treat for the Brother Pluckers out here[​IMG]
  8. 67flieger
    More like a Friday "Teaser"...

    Makes me feel a little "Post Toastee".
  9. cdf294
    Hello everyone. There are some nice instruments and gear posted in this thread and i've enjoyed reading it.
    Sorry about the necrobump but i've been a member only a few weeks and have been into guitars much longer than headphones. I just thought I might post my newest acquisition.

    A little backstory about how this guitar made it into my possession:
    The wife gave me her 94 PRS CE22 since she stopped playing it after I had her a custom built a few years back.
    I could never bond with the PRS and had several guitars already so it just sat around not getting played.
    Rather than have a nice guitar sitting around unplayed, I started thinking about selling it and buying something else that would get some play time. I found a guitar that I wanted locally but the seller was sketchy and the whole deal felt wrong somehow. I went home a bit bummed out and decided to look for something else and go ahead and make a listing to sell the PRS. As it turns out, this was a blessing in disguise, possibly even fate. I had always wanted an EBMM but have quite a few other nice guitars so I could never justify the cost to purchase one.
    Ten minutes before I got home from this botched transaction, somebody posted an ad looking for a PRS CE or Custom 22/24 and had an Axis Super Sport that he was willing to trade for it. As the saying goes, the rest is history.

  10. DLeeWebb Contributor
    Guitar Collection.jpg
  11. oyobass
    Wow, gorgeous guitar there.
  12. Muinarc
    Mmm green tele, I have a tele design in my head, just need to buy the parts and actually build the thing some day.
  13. cdf294
    The Axis is one of those guitars i've wanted for a very long time and I am happy to own one now. Having said that, at this point in my life, I prefer buying and playing guitars that nobody else has.
    Case in point....

  14. Redcarmoose

  15. herrsmith
    Bass player, here. My simple setup is a Modulus Genesis 5, pre-war Juzek plywood with a Kay Bass neck, and (very rarely) an Ibanez SR810 that's been defretted. It all goes through an Acoustic Image Contra and an ancient Carvin 2x10 that I got used from Guitar Center around 2001 (if anybody from the DC area remembers Sev, apparently the bassist from that band used it). I don't have any pictures of them right now. Maybe I can scare some up in a month or so.
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