Guitar-fi anyone?

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  1. 62ohm
    The only thing I would re-stress, which has actually mentioned by the posts above is that I think how a guitar feels to you is more important than how it sounds. You can like the sound of a guitar, but if you don't like how it feels in your hands then you won't play it very often.
    So if you don't like the feel of the body shape of a Les Paul, IMO don't get one.
  2. billybob_jcv
    Thanks to all!

    I'm still looking for the right local store - I'm guessing Guitar Center is probably not where I want to be looking for really good help in getting the guitar. I went into a couple of other local places and neither of them seemed to have what I'm looking for. One was very small and appeared to cater to giving lessons (not much selection of guitars) and the other seemed to have mostly guitars that are well outside my price range, and did not seem to have anything used. I suspect both are trying to find a niche not being served very well by the large Guitar Center we have nearby.

    As usual, I expect the shopping will be much more fun than the actual owning... :p
  3. billybob_jcv
    What about the Monoprice strat clone? From comments around the web, set-up seems to be hit or miss. Has anyone bought one?
  4. customcoco

    What is it that draws you to those ? Are they any cheaper than the equivalent Squier ?
  5. billybob_jcv
    Yes, they are very cheap - they often go on sale for less than even the cheapest Squier. However, I'm concerned it is like the FOTM Chinese IEMs - lots of people claiming they are the equivalent of brands costing 3X, 4X or more - but these claims are often made by folks that have never actually heard the more expensive brands. There are reviews saying that the $80 Monoprice Strats are the equivalent of the $600 made in Mexico Fender Strats. I'm skeptical, to say the least...
  6. customcoco
    The main advantage of Fender's archaic construction is their robustness.

    Getting a strat to sound right is not necessarily complex, especially if you're not too concerned about slight deficiencies such as very light fret buzzing etc...

    Do you plan on getting real world lessons ? I couldn't recommend that highly enough.

    If you do, some school sell instruments directly at a discount.
  7. StanD
    Here's a Strat that I modified, for myself. replaced the pickup, with Seymor Duncans. Two of them are stacked coils that preserve the Strat sound but eliminate hum. The Bridge pickup is a humbucker type. I added a phase switch, changed one of the tone controls to be a bass control, both tone controls are always present. I changed the flat white pickup guard to pearl and shielded the wiring. I also treble compensated the volume control.
    I have another older 70's maple neck Strat that I modified I never modified my Les Pauls.
  8. customcoco

    Lovely ! How reliable is that Floyd Rose ? Always heard about them being a pain to set up and tune.
  9. StanD
    It works well and isn't all that hard to setup and tune, just not as convenient. It keeps tune real good, far better than my other Strat with the stock hardware.
    If you break a string while performing it'll take longer to replace, however, a traditional setup takes too long to replace a string so one should have another guitar handy or the audience might get a bit antsy waiting.
  10. Jimster
    This Baby is a 2008 Standard Faded.
    It has gotten a Tusq nut, aged Creamtone hardware, Grover tuners and Bare Knuckle Peter Green Blues pickups. Two of the knobs are also vintage ones. Previous owner had it made into a "Greeny". I bought it midst a Gary Moore phase. Possibly a piece of blasphemy, but it does sound and feel awesome.
    I also play a John Mayer Strat on the same rig, with some adjustments ofc.
  11. Muinarc
    Lovely guitar!
  12. customcoco
    Indeed, gorgeous colour !
  13. Muinarc
    I have a new guitar well I got it several months ago. Long weekend for me so maybe it's time I get some pics and post in here :)
  14. Jimster
    Yeah, do it :)
  15. MiLeX
    My Ibanez SA Series.
    I love the dark purple!
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