GS-1 VS. Opera - Anyone know?
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Jun 11, 2004
I want to know if anyone directly compared HeadAmp's GS-1 directly to Meier's Opera as a headphone amp and as a preamp?
I realise the opera is more money, but is the price difference worth it?
Also the Opera has a dac, so i guess thats the price difference. Maybe the dapless Opera would be more the fair comparison.
How does each drive those "hard to drive" headphones?
Whats the sound signature of each in comparison?

I tried the search function and didnt find the comparison done directly.

GS-1 HeadAmp - Audio Electronics (GS-1 Headphone Amp/Pre-Amp) $849usd

Opera Meier-Audio $1220usd / analog $975usd
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I haven't heard either, but I've been asking a lot of questions about a lot of amps around here lately and from what I've gathered, they would both drive high impedance cans just fine, the HeadAmp's signature tone is a lack of a signature tone -- very neutral and revealing, and the Meier's signature tone is warmer. Not tube-like but warmer than the GS-1.

Now, we'll wait for someone with actual experience to come along...

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Ok, well nobody is really answering this thread for some reason...but whatever.

Someone messaged me and sent me a link to some information about the Opera and it seems it has low gain and doesnt really drive fullsized headphones all that well, which kinda goes against what alot of people on this forum have said about the amp, so i dont know.
But the GS-1 is looking better to me right now.

I want one tube amp (Woo 2) and one solid state for my home setup. Ill research a bit more, but in my price range, this seems to be the way to go,so far. I dont really need the dac, because for my pc setup ill be using either a Pico or a 2Move, depending what i decide to spend.

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