Groundbreaking Albums written by artists at a very early age?
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I instantly thought of Steve Winwood when I saw this thread. I had to look up his bio to get the dates. This kid knew who to team up with!

In 1963, at the age of 15, he co-founded the Spencer Davis Group. Their big hit was "Gimmie Some Lovin". (Just in case you had to think about it
In 1967, Winwood departed the group to form Traffic with Jim Capaldi, Dave Mason and Chris Wood. He would have been 19 or so then.
When Traffic disbanded briefly in 1969, Winwood formed Blind Faith with Eric Clapton, drummer Ginger Baker and late bassist Rick Grech—two-thirds of Cream.

That's a lot of bands (and music) at a young age!
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Originally Posted by Denim /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I instantly thought of Steve Winwood when I saw this thread. I had to look up his bio to get the dates. This kid knew who to team up with!

And, of course, if you say Steve Winwood, it's not a difficult leap to Eric Clapton who joined The Yardbirds in his late teens.
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I think that Wayne is really onto something with Bob Dylan...but don't forget about the Beatles.

In January of 1964, The Beatles released Meet the Beatles. At the time of the release, the Beatles were...

John Lennon: 23
Paul McCartney: 21
George Harrison: 22
Ringo Starr: 23

They released Rubber Soul in December of 1965, and Revolver in August of 1966. They were...well, you do the math.

Of course, there's also Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band on June 1, 1967...and so forth and so on.

Lots of folks think that they changed rock/popular music forever in that stretch. Not bad for a bunch of young punks from Liverpool.
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The answer we're looking for is probably Dylan, but Michael Jackson had already had an entire career with the Jackson 5 before releasing his first major album, Off The Wall, at the age of 21. Stevie Wonder had his first solo hit at the age of 13 and had already done seventeen albums before he recorded Talking Book at the age of 22.
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Don't forget Prince. He released his first album, For You, when he was 19. Purple Rain was his 6th album released when he was 26.
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Josh Homme was only 19 when he wrote Kyuss' Welcome to Sky Valley, and that album along with the one before it (for which he was even younger) revolutionised stoner rock and spawned a lot of obvious "borrowing".

I'm still amazed at how young he was when those came out.
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The members of the Fall of Troy were 16 when they wrote their self-titled album, the content of which I consider to be very groundbreaking in post hardcore/prog rock. They might not follow the lines of a specific genre with that release, but they certainly created a sound that many have tried to mimic.
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Originally Posted by Thelonious Monk /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Around the time Vikingligr Veldi was released, most of Enslaved were around 16-17. And, of course, Burzum.

To follow up on this one, I would Emperor’s “In the Nightside Eclipse.”
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The Doors and The Beatles just off the top of my mind. I also think that Bruce Springsteen was fairly young when he released Greetings from Ashbury park, but that albums hardly falls into the group of groundbreaking records.

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