Greetings Head-Fi... from Larry ( with a video...
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Aug 12, 2003
Hi Jude and Head-Fi,
Hope you are all doing well... been a long time since I posted. When I joined head-fi, there was only around 7,000 members, haha... Anyway, thought I'd share something I did today, a video with me... singing. Yes, you can finally see the guy who's built every headphile item ever. No auto-tune or edits, just a straight raw one-take Lennon song... I'm kind of shy, but today's my birthday... and I'm not getting any younger (53)... I recorded and filmed this a bit earlier today, between emails to someone in Spain. Anyway, probably be awhile before I am back here... so thanks to all for a great almost ten years of modding headphones!

Regards, Larry

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