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Jul 18, 2003
Hi Everyone,

Sorry for my long absence since the Boston show. Been working big time between getting three audio magazines out (and getting the race car ready for the 2006 season). This post is a heads up to a new amp that blew me away. it is STUNNING and no i will not go on about the difference between it and others i have reviewed. Bottom line, this amplifier is mind-boggling!!! best thing since sliced bread
No, really, it is awesome of headphones, and also for those with high-sensitivity speakers. But i know here we are head-fi dudes so... Please see .

If you do get it, i REALLY want to hear from others via e-mail how they like it. It is hard for me to believe this little thing is THAT DARN GOOD. So guess even reviewer-types desire validation. Many thanks!
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May 28, 2006
Hi Steve,

I am looking for a new integrated amp. I am thinking of getting either the Almarro 205MK2, Synthesis Audio Nimis Wood, or the Greatech MuVac. Actually, I only found the Greatech on the internet lastnight, and, already, I can imagine owning it after reading your's and 6moon's review of it.

My next speaker will probably be the Ed Schilling Hornshoppe/Atelier Audio First Horn copy cats, or the SAP Trio. These speakers are all above 94 db sensitivity I think. My current speakers are the JMR Twins. And, my audio room is only about 18x22.

Anyways, I know you have some experience with some of the amps I've mentioned here as well as the 47 Labs Gaincard, which was my former amp until I replaced it with a Sharp SD-EX111. I hope you can give me some superlatives/comparitives.

Also, how much is the Greatech selling for in the states? I know the unit goes for 940 euros which would be about $1200 at today's exchange rate. And, how low maintenance are these amps: how often do you replace the tubes, and are these tubes easy to replace? Self-bias? I usually leave my amp on 24/7, so I hope this wouldn't be an issue with the MuVac.

Lastly, any new insights on the MuVac since your March review of the amp?



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