Great Sound Out of Senns...
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Jul 2, 2005
I'm sure a lot of your already know this... but... I'm getting even better sound out of my modified HD580s and HD650s - than just out of my Monarchy M24 and DV332 - which is great, without any veil.

I'm trying my SS HDCD Underwood HiFi CD25 1+ > MF X10 v3 Tube Buffer > Monarchy M24 Tube Line Stage > DV332 Tube Amp > RAL CryoSilver Senn cable > Senn HD580s or HD650s.

This SS to Tube set up really "man-handles" the Senns - simply incredible clarity, detail and impact with no dark, muddy, veil. Even more like the RS-1s and AD2000s than from the M24 Tube DAC, but with more weight to the sound.

I'm sure any good SS source like the Cambridge Audio 840C, or Rega Saturn, or similar > good Tube Line Stage > good Tube amp (with or without the tube buffer) - will achieve the same!

And... no doubt... a balanced set up would extract even more.

Pretty amazing... really... for Senns.
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Ok..I been listening to my Grados lately, but now you got me in the mood to take out my PX100's. I only have portable Senns, until i finally get my 650's.

So itll be Rotel RCD975 > AR cable > MaxiMoy > PX100
Then ill try my Portaphile amp.
I cant wait till i have tubes! Woo2

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