graham slee solo vs little dot mkv?
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Feb 26, 2008
i was all set on ordering a gs solo, when i hit unexpected financial problems.
i have now read a review on the ld mkv and wonder how it compares to the solo?
it is roughly half the price! but should i wait and save for the solo?
any opinions appreciated!
cheers guys
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i will give some inputs here since no1 come forward with this.
i consider myself newbie in this field, so my assessment may not be very accurate, here's my take:
sound signature wise i consider both very similar, belong to the lean, clean ,detailed type , i find both very good if u want to amplify whatever the source is without any coloration. the solo may better dynamic, better upper end but not by much. the mkv have better bass, better soundstage both wide and dept. both are very capable amp, can drive both my low impedance w5000 and high impedance k240 sextett well.
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thanks for that.
anyone anything to add???
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the mk v is a great amp. of all the amps ive heard, it turned out to be the best. built wise they are built like tanks. everything that minivan said as far as sound sig goes. they are beautiful amps, construction wise. i dont know how anyone would call them ugly. very good workmanship.
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Originally Posted by Onkyo /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I'm curious about MKV too. I can give 2 negative comments so far based on what I have seen from the amp pics, but the price outweights them. So I'll wait.

i read your posts on this thread

it seem like you know a few things about amp. i like my mkv and it seem like i made correct judgement on how good it sound in compare to amps that cost 2-3 times more then it. i like to hear your opinion on what do u think this amp look good and whats the 2 negative things about it?

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