Grados for a Hifiman Owner
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Dec 3, 2011
I used to own SR80's and loved them. Had Magnum V4's for a while. Sold them for money issues. Got a pair of HE 560's used and they are fabulous. Have the itch to own Grado again.
The GS1000's are what I think I want, although I've seen on this site that perhaps I better re-think it because they probably stray from the house sound I'm familiar with with the 80's. Would anyone go so far to say as they are basically an HE 560 equivalent in trying to be more neutral?
I'm considering RS1 as an option that might be more complementary to what I already own, but perhaps I'll receive some feedback here that the GS1000 isn't a Grado badged version of what I'm already listening to.
I listen to mainly rock/top 40/oldies type of stuff. Every once in a while I'll sit and listen to a jazz or classical album, but most of my listening is stuff you can drum to.
I never found the 80's terribly uncomfortable, but the fact that 1000's are supposed to be great to wear is also appealing.
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Oct 11, 2009
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The GS1000s are not more neutral than an HE-560.
The sound is more coloured with emphasis on upper bass and low treble. 
Comfort is fabulous if you don't find the ear pads abrasive. 
Technically speaking I'd say they're a big downgrade over the Hifiman.
If you're itching for grado sound again, I'd wouldn't go for anything higher than an SR225. 
Or get an SR80 and modify the heck out of it, all fancy with custom wooden cups etc. 
I managed to get my modified SR80 (old original) to sound almost identical to an PS500.
The PS500 was more detailed and had better bass extension, but the modern SR80's have closed the gap so much.
I just don't see why anyone would spend so much money on anything higher than that, since the returns are minimal. 

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