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Grado style Aluminum sleeves

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  1. ambchang
    For Sale
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    AA39AD00-A6E4-4F30-8E08-C11CD9E1877D.jpeg 7A94D995-8021-4651-A1FA-F65301C64873.jpeg 0AF2036A-D204-4597-BC8A-DCD04CE25749.jpeg 61F95460-958B-4584-BE5B-E35485D6D581.jpeg I sourced a local machining shop to make aluminum sleeves for my magnum v4 about 2.5 years ago, completing my dreams of having a full metal magnum headphone.

    Problem is, they come in a batch of 50, and I only need 2, so I am now stuck with some leftovers.

    I am letting go of these at cost. $30 USD a set plus shipping.

    Note, these are ONLY the sleeves, and do not include the cups. You can get the cups elsewhere by procuring metal cups from used SR325s, PS500 and such, then make your own necessary modification, or get wooden cups done.

    The sleeves are not perfect, I asked for threaded holes to hold the drivers in place, but the holes are little too high up. It's not a problem as the drivers can be friction fit into the cups, so it's not a problem at all, it's just that they now have three extra threaded holes on the side that doesn't really serve any real purposes.

    After sending these out a few times, I get a pretty good idea of how much they cost to ship. Within Canada is about $7USD, US is about $10USD, Europe is about $15USD. I don't know about Asia, South America, Africa, Australia or Antarctica, but outside of Antarctica, I'd take $15USD for the shipping, which is the same as Europe. And the shipping is pretty much the same if I ship 1 or a dozen.

    Will upload photos later when I have some time.

    EDIT: Photos uploaded

    Note that this classified is just for the sleeves, and not for any other parts. The photos for the finished headphone is simply to illustrate what it would look like installed.
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2018
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