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Grado SR80i's [Custom & One of A Kind, tons of upgrades/mods)

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by pevsfreedom, May 8, 2012.
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  1. pevsfreedom
    For Sale
    Here I have for you some custom modded one of a kind Grado SR80i's.
    They were bought brand new on Amazon 2 months ago by me. They work like they're absolutely new, probably only 10 hours through them, if that. I've spent way more time modding then listening.
    They come with (prices next to the descriptions are for info only)
    1. Custom moddies comfy pads
    2. Dyed black (will not rub off, I did a good job :)) quarter modded Sennheiser 414 pads ($20 total)
    3. Beyer headband ($15)
    4. Custom cut black aluminum mesh ($5)
    5. Single-cabble modded ($10 for materials + couple hours of work)
    6. Cable fitted with Nylon Multifilament shielding, Neutrik Rean plug terminated at one end. Stock grado terminator on other end. Comes with 1/4 adapter. ($15 for materials)
    7. 8 holes punched for more bass in the driver
    8. Dynamat on top of the magnet to tame the high's a bit
    9. Hand-sanded for a beautiful (in my opinion) "been to war and back" look. I sanded off the "L and R" on the gymbals and painted the ugly silver lettering black. The cups have a real nice look to them. I polished the black rim with the lettering, and the rest of the cup is sanded dry. They look like skateboard wheels kind of. ($8 + a TON of work)
    That's $73 in upgrades + ~10 hours of work and you have these. A beautiful 'murdered out' pair of Grado's!
    They're yours for 130 shipped.
  2. musiclover666
    PM sent
  3. pevsfreedom
    price lowered
  4. crazygonuts
    What are "Custom moddies comfy pads" ? Do they make them significantly more comfortable?
  5. Cstapleslewis
    Sent a pm
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