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Grado sr80i vs sr60i

  1. Hifi Man
    I want to know the difference between the grado sr80i and sr60i. What makes the sr80 20 dollars more? I'm dying to dry these things because I hear they're good for metal. I've been thinking about it a lot considering I listen to 99% rock like metal, rock, and shoegaze, but I originally opted for something that has a better soundstage, and now I'm considering getting grados again.
  2. torturechambers
    The difference is minimal.  They sound identical to a lot of people.
    I recommend getting the 60i+ L cush pads as opposed to 80i
    Both are great for metal \m/
  3. Hifi Man
    nevermind. I'll use google. I want to figure out why there's the price difference.
  4. Hifi Man
    I'm going to go for the i80. Will my Go Dap GD-03 power it?
  5. torturechambers
    The differences I hear are not substantial, both are good choices. Some have said you gain refinement and bass, others say it doesn't warrant the difference.  I don't hear much and on a budget sr60i performs excellently.
    Hifi Man likes this.
  6. jaycee1
    I'm actually interested in how these grado's sound compared to the koss ksc75's. I've read numerous reviews in which the ksc75's are referred to as "baby grado's."
  7. Hifi Man
    Just got the sr80i and L pads. Heavy metal awesomeness here I come \m/
  8. whirlwind
    I think the SR80i is the best headphone that money can buy for $100.
    Maybe later you can buy some L cushions for them....they L cushions will set you back an additional $20
    You will love your metal through the Grado's.
  9. Hifi Man
    Now about amplification. I figure they'll work well out of my FiiO E11 or Go Dap GD-03? I know the FiiO E11 will suffice but maybe not the Go Dap. I don't listen to music very loud anyways (I like to conserve my hearing because I listen to music all day).
  10. Kerry56
    My Grado SR60i work just fine without an amplifier.  Using them with my FiiO E10 is a bit of overkill.
  11. whirlwind
    I have listened to my SR60i thru a cmoy and it sounds very nice
  12. Hifi Man
    That thing is probably around the same power as my Go Dap GD-03?
  13. whirlwind
    Grados are very easily powered....they do not need an amp....but they benefit from one.
    Try it out and see what you think.
  14. torturechambers

    Yeah, they work just fine no amp, all about preference.  Good choice \m/
  15. Biscuitz
    SR80i has a touch more bass and a touch more forward highs. Thus, it is slightly more dynamic sounding, which can be translated as more exciting - great for heavy metal. Conversely, the SR60i is more mid-centric, showcases guitars just a touch more (also great for guitar-driven music), and is also a touch easier on the ears to listen to.
    Based on your music preferences (heavy metal) and your preferred listening levels (low volume), SR80i with L-Cush is a very good choice! Grados excel at low volume listening, and the SR80i is a fun, exciting headphone that works great with heavy metal!
    Amp optional, not needed.

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