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Grado SR60i's for casual use?

  1. Nauxley
    I've been wanting to purchase some entry level headphones because I feel that they would give me a better listening experience (right now I'm using some Panasonic in-ear isolation buds). My budget is under $80, and from all the research I have done it seems that the Grado SR60i's are very popular and are thought of by many as the best under $100 headphones on the market. Everything I have read about them I like (even the 'retro' look), except I'm a bit iffy about the portability issue. I want headphones that I can wear to and from school, in the car, around the house, etc. I'm wondering if the lack of sound isolation is a major distraction and takes away from the great sound quality. If anyone owns a pair, could you give me your opinion on it's everyday use, or is it solely for home use and audio editing? What would be a comparable set of cans that offers more portability if the SR60i's are not a good option?
  2. DaBomb77766
  3. Nauxley
    Thanks for the link, but looking through that almost made me more confused... There are a few that looked interesting but as you can probably tell I'm not super knowledgeable on headphones. I listen to progressive metal, which covers a very wide range of subgenres so I am not completely certain on what I'm looking for in sound quality. How are the Sennheiser PX 200-II's? From what I read they seem pretty close to what I'm looking for.
  4. DaBomb77766
    I personally have not listened to those, though I did listen to the open PX 100-IIs....they are pretty good considering their price, and they fold up small enough that they could probably fit into a case for sunglasses.
    Still though, from what I've read, the PX 200-IIs would probably be good for you.  Might wanna hear from someone who has actually heard them first, though.
  5. Nauxley
    Alright so I guess now my choice is between the 200-II's and the 100-II's. I can't seem to find a consensus as to which one is better. I do like the look of the 200's better, but it is very hard to get them in Canada for less than $130, whereas the 100's I have found for $90. I have no standards of sound to compare to so I am forced to solely rely on other's experiences, which is making this more confusing as I research. It's not like I could go wrong wither way, but if I can spend less that would be good. $130 is way too much for something that can be found for half the price in the states.
  6. DaBomb77766


    Problem with the  PX 100-IIs is they're open...it won't be nearly as bad as the Grados but still not particularly recommended you wear them on a bus.
    You could always try looking for a used pair on the for sale part of the forum.  Like this:
  7. Limniscate
    I have the PX 100-IIs and had the Grado SR60s for years before they broke.  The PX-100-IIs are much more bass heavy than the Grados.  However, the Grados are brighter.  It just depends what kind of sound you want.  I did find the Grado earpads to be uncomfortable for long periods of use, but I think they've switched the ear pads from the ones that I had.  I believe the Grados improve more with an amp as well--at least they did with my Total Bithead.  
  8. Nauxley
    Thanks for the link, that might be what I'm looking for. And yeah I'm looking for relatively effective sound isolation so I'm probably not gonna go with the open backed phones.

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