Grado sr60i vs Technics rp-f500
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May 14, 2009
Hi all,

I just recently purchased a pair of sr60i's to replaced my damaged Technics rp-f500 that i bought for about £45 several years ago. I must say i am blown away with the Grados but before i bought them i thought the technics where very good also having never bought a more expensive pair.
I managed to repair the technics and decided to compare them like for like on the same mp3 player and same peice of classical music my mp3 player is at full volume i think its struggling to deliver any kind of proper oomph. I expected the Technics to be totally outclassed on the sound front but i'm struggling to notice much of a difference i want the grados to blow them away but everything seems as clear and where it should be in the Technics the volume seems a bit higher in the Technics is this because they are easier to drive and will the extra volume help the technics? i cant understand if i have to listen harder maybe theres not really that much in it. Seriously im worried the Technics sound more detailed, clearer and soundstage much more defined is this possible? I supose the only real test would be to blind test somone who knows nothing about headphones and see which they prefer, if they choose the technics well maybe we have a bargain pair of very under rated cans. The technics specs are:

40mm Driver
can buy now for £16.99!!

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