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Grado SR60i Path

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by ynes, Dec 8, 2011.
  1. ynes
    Hi Guys. Got myself a Grado SR60i.

    I'm just wondering what path to take first to further enhance this set of cans. Here's my options as of now:

    Option 1: Buy Portable Amp(Arrow or JDS Labs cmoyBB/c421, etc..)

    Option 2: Buy Woodies from Marty(+Liberated)

    What do you think guys is the best in terms of price performance ratio?

  2. liamstrain
    First thing. Get the L-Cush pads ($20) nothing else improves SR60/SR80 as much off the bat. 
  3. ynes
    Thanks :)
  4. MalVeauX
    L Cush pads #1.
    Then re-cable & woodback them.
    Very best,
  5. Mozu
    To counter the L-Cush recommendations, I'd suggest modded HD414 pads. Similar sound, actually comfortable. :wink:

    But, yeah, wood and a recable are probably your best bang for the buck, as it were.
  6. Melvins
    I've been doing A TON of research over the past few years, and the modded comfies, which are just a black version of HD414's aren't that terribly comfy. In fact, the only way you could call them that comfortable is by keeping them unmodded.
    But yes. Get some woodies. I'd suggest a PA2v2 amp, and blammo. You'll be having an amazing time. But first really give your 60's a listen, become adjusted to their sound. That way you can feel the details in the upgrades you later do.
  7. Mozu

    They are most definitely not. In that they're pads, and made of foam, sure.

  8. GasMaskMan
    I just got some of the 414 pads in today, they aren't the same at all.  The 414's are smaller, so the fits a bit tighter.
    I also find the original pads more comfortable.
  9. Blue Boat
    HD414 is made of a thinner foam and it has a less sandpaperish feel to it than the stock comfies. 
    Bowls and HD414 pads do not even sound close. 
  10. Jojomite
    upgrade to magnums! it will be a huge jump sonically, but then u won't get to experience slowly moving up the ladder...
  11. Melvins
    Magnums require....1) soldering ability 2) double the amount of the sr60i's and 3) aren't as drastic as everyone says. That being said, I myself plan on upgrading to magnums ASAP, but will be getting someone else to construct them for me
  12. dvzzz
    I have upgraded my Allesandro MS-1 to quarter modded 414, and I was not at all a believer in the pad being able to impact the sound but the difference is there for you, perhaps because suddenly speaker is playing straight into your ear without any veil. The biggest impact though to my suprise was on the bass side. It got tighter especially with my jazz vinyl. Getz Gilberto mono edition is just pulls me in now when I put on this otherwise aggressive cans. 
  13. Melvins
    I'm soon getting the L-Cushions, and will let OP know if the reverse or modded comfies are worse/better sounding and better/worse comfortability
  14. Blue Boat


    Your opinion is just as valid as anyone else's. 
  15. KneelJung
    +1 on the L cush aka "bowls" or some flats from Todd at TTVJ
    I'd say leave it stock though and upGrado. If your going to mod it though, get some wood cups.

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