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Grado SR60i+L-cush or Alessandro MS1i?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by softrally, Sep 30, 2012.
  1. softrally
    Hello everyone, I am about to purchase my first pair of full-sized headphones and I cannot chose between the Grado SR60i and the Alessandro MS1i. Since it is hard to get Grados in Canada, I am planning to ask a friend in the states to ship it for me. Since the Grados are about $20 cheaper, I am planning to upgrade them with the L-cush pads. I can get the Alessandro MS1i for about $100.l My maximum budget is $110 which means that if I get the Alessandros, I will not be able to get the L-cush pads. I listen to alternative, electronic, and a little bit of classical. Which model would suit me better? Thanks in advance [​IMG]
  2. ArmAndHammer
    A lot of people have and love the SR60 and there are lots of mods that can be done to them that improve the sound, fit, and finish. I guess the MS1's can be modded as well, they have a different sound so I am not sure if the mods work as well, I don't really read much about people modding Alessandros. I will say that IMO, I owned a pair of the MS1's and they were the most godawful things I ever put to my ears. I'd rather own and listen to a pair of Beats. I do however own and absolutely love a pair of Grado SR-325's. So...if it were me, I'd go with the SR-60's or if you are willing to spend $100 on the MS1, why not get an SR-80 for the same price?
  3. softrally
    Which would be the better buy? The SR60+L-cush or the SR80?
  4. Snag1e
    The MS-1, and the SR60 use the same driver...actually....Most, if not all of the prestige series seems to be bassed off of the same driver, with some slight tweaking, and matched to higher tolerances as you move up the line. I would get the SR-60 and the L-cush if I were you.
  5. stozzer123
    MS1i all the way!  the driver is the same as up to and including the 325.
  6. Biscuitz
    I've directly compared the MS1i and the SR60i, but I put L-Cush pads on both, because the sound quality simply increases with the L-Cush pads over the stock pads.

    Honestly, it's going to be all preference. And unfortunately, it's just going to be hard to know which you'd prefer without directly comparing them. For me, I enjoyed the SR60i with L-Cush more than the MS1i. Here's a description of the sound differences, to my ears, between the two:
    Tonality is different, lending a slightly darker sound to the MS1i. I like a bright sound, so I preferred the SR60i's tonality. As for lows, the bass extension seemed relatively the same, but the MS1i has a bit "more" bass, although it honestly sounded slightly muddier. The SR60i bass is pretty light, but very quick and punchy, which I like. The mids are similar on both. The MS1i have more mid-bass, and the SR60i has a bit "cleaner" sounding mid-bass, but less of it. Vocals sound a bit better on MS1i imo, so keep that in mind. The highs on the MS1i are, as generally described here at headfi, more tamed compared to most Grados. They sound pretty good. I was hard pressed to notice any harshness. But at the same time, the SR60i's highs were just more energetic, and I liked that more. Between the SR60i, SR80i, SR125i, SR225i, & SR325i (I compared all directly), I actually think the SR60i has some of the best highs - they sound natural to me, with plenty of energy, but not as harsh as any of the other models.
    Soundstage, however, is much wider on the MS1i. It's wider than the SR80i and the SR125i even. Though I really enjoy the narrow soundstage of the SR60i for rock and metal. I'm not a soundstage freak, so that didn't play much difference in my decision.
    SR80i, if you're wondering, simply has more bass than the SR60i. Not exactly deeper extended, but more thumpy in the mid-bass. The highs are also a tad more harsh, and the sound is overall more dynamic. However, the SR60i's mids do sound more forward, relative to its other frequencies, than the SR80i's. This fact, along with the overall slightly less harsh sound, led me to choose the SR60i over the SR80i.

    The reasons I picked the SR60i over the MS1i and the entire Prestige Series (even up to SR325i) were these: Super fast, punchy bass was great for fast rock / metal; mids seemed more forward than ALL the other models (due to relative balance of other frequencies); highs were energetic, natural, and not very harsh to my ears.
    It's one thing to describe these subtle differences, and it's another to hear them yourself and compare them directly. But if you can't do that, the best bit of advice I can give is this: If you want the more "energetic" sounding headphone, grab the SR60i with L-Cush for sure! If you want the headphone with more bass, tamer highs, and better soundstage, grab the MS1i and save up for a pair of L-Cush pads!
    Hope that helps!
  7. planx
    The simple fact is, the SR60 all the way to the SR325is all sound fairly different. For instance, I sold my SR325i for the SR225i just because the Aluminum cup added too much of a hot treble for my tastes while the SR225i had the perfect amount of treble for my ears. And I found the SR225i to be the best to my ears within the Grado Prestige line. I haven't tried the MS1i so I have to right to comment about them.
  8. talisman42
    I'm thinking there is a significant difference between SR325i and SR325is?  Even within the 'is' there are several color schemes. Can be very confusing. Who knows if there is another tweak to the series, but the version I have is not trebly at all - to the point of wondering if these should be sent to grado labs? lol
  9. planx
    I can't comment if there is a significant difference between the "i" and "is" because I never A/Bed them.
  10. softrally
    Thanks everyone! I decided with the SR60 and will be ordering them soon :)
  11. Biscuitz
    Enjoy! I think you'll like them!
  12. softrally
    Just one last question...How are the Shure SRH440s compared to the SR60s? It seems that both of them are very good.
  13. stozzer123
    I have the MS1 and srh440 2 different kettle of fish really, i own both for a reason, one open and one closed.
  14. jaycee1
    This is a fantastic comparison and review. Greatly appreciated!
    What is your primary set of headphones at this point? I assume it's one of the grado's. 
  15. Biscuitz
    Sennheiser HD650, Denon D2000, and Grado SR60i.

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