Grado sr60 vs Etymotic er6
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May 25, 2002
I currently own a pair of grado sr60's but becasue they don't block out outside sound i cant use them while I ride lawnmowers at my job. I was wondering if the etymotic er6 could match the sound qaulity of the grado sr60 which is being plowered by a minidisc player and also do a good job of blocking out the outside sound.
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Depends on what you value in sound. I would take either of the portable-ready Etymotics over any of the currently produced Grados if Sound were the only consideration.
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I happened to own both. Pls beware that the ETY 4 only able to block out 20-25db of outside sound. Both in terms of sound quality, the ETY4ps are in a next level to the SR60. I am selling my SR60 soon.......
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I own both. The ER6 when all goes well (i.e. when you insert them properly) sounds as good or better than the SR60s. The ER6 is just as forward sounding, and has a lot more balanced sound. If the ER6 is not inserted perfectly, you'll lose a bit of bass effect compared to the SR60, but if you get the Etys sealed correctly in your ear, the bass will sound as good or better than the 60s. The 60s have a slightly superior soundstage, but not dramatically so.

In short, the ER6 trounces the SR60s pretty handily. The ETY is twice the price though, so this should not amaze. The real concern is whether the acoustic isolation of the ER6 might not be a hazard for you, your coworkers, and the public...
As you drive that big mower around, don't you have to be able to hear stuff like "hey Nezz, where'd the logbook go? Ah, look out, don't back up! AAAAGGHH..." or "look out for Baby Timmy!!! No!! EEEEKK!!!" and that sort of thing???
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To me, ER6 sounds better than the Grado sr-60's. However, ER6 is not going to give you the punch the Grado are famous for. Further, the treble on the ER6 rolls off much quicker compared to the SR60.

edit - ER6 can give a punch too, but it does not overemphasize the bass and treble like many other headphones do.

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