Grado SR60 + Shure E2c = Good Combo?
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Feb 7, 2004
I currently have a pair of Sennheiser HD202s with no amp and even broken in, they sound a bit muddy. I like the warm sound and nice bass, but they only sound so good, even at the cheap $20 I paid for them.

I'm finally considering upgrading by getting a pair of Grado SR60s to use at home, with games and movies, and Shure E2c's for walking to class and any portable use, since they're closed.

I also ordered a simple CMoy amp off ebay for use with hooking up my cans to my Xbox 360 and just to get a little more kick out of anything I might get in the near future.

Is this the right move for me, considering my budget of under $100 per set?
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i have the shure e2c and i'm also thinking of getting some grado sr80s.. i enjoy the e2c for the sound isolation and i think they sound good, but i've only listened to the stock ibuds before i had these. i've read a few comments on here by people who don't speak too highly of shure e2cs and commented that they only sound good compared to the stock ibuds.

the e2c work for me and have great sound isolation, i'd recommend them. theres a guy on ebay that sells custom foam tips, which are just earplugs with a hole drilled in them.. they are definitely worth picking up

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