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Grado SR-80 Glue Diaphragm to Voice Coil (reattach)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by aeogo, May 28, 2013.
  1. aeogo
    I've got the Grado SR-80 and have taken them apart. Thanks for all the great posts on this site. A great tool for working with this stuff is a sewing needle threader. The fine wire loop allowed me to peal the diaphragm rim from the housing without risking puncture with a needle.
    The voice coil has detached from the diaphragm but all the wiring is in place (I think). I could use some suggestions for getting these two mated again. 
    1. Is such detached voice coil from diaphragm a common failure - I can't believe I'm the first, yet I haven't seen anything in the threads or posts about such detachment. if there's a thread I should read, please share.
    2. What kind of glue and method of attachment of the voice coil to the diaphragm is suggested?
    3. I've re-foamed my Large Advent speakers and was careful to center the coil with shims. Do I need to be worry about centering the coil when reattaching to the diaphragm and if so, how?
    Looking forward to getting these functional.
  2. wallace
    OK,Give us a clue ,why have you taken the drivers apart.???
  3. GREQ
  4. aeogo
  5. aeogo
    They were effectively useless. The sound was faint, crackly. Something was seriously wrong with them. After taking them apart I noticed the diaphragms were not attached to the voice coils. That fact confirmed why they were producing no listenable sound.
  6. kvtaco17
    Waiting for someone that knows whats up tocome in here and blow our minds...
  7. aeogo
    Seems no one has any ideas about this or the post is not getting eyes. Am I really the only person who has observed diaphragms separated from the voice coil? 
    Any ideas on how to get eyes on this? Any suggestions for repairs? Anyone???
  8. GREQ
    I was under the impression that detached voice-coils were basically not repairable. If I'm wrong I'd love to see how it's done just out of curiosity.
  9. TrollDragon
    I've reattached broken voice coil wires before but I'd like to see this diaphragm reattach as well, we need lots of picture's here too.

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