Grado SR-125 impulse buy
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Dec 30, 2004
Well guys, I might have made a mistake but wanted to see what you all thought. I was at a local stereo store and they had a pair of new SR-125s for $95. The only other Grados they had were the 60's and 80's. Well I bought the 125's without doing any research first, and now looking through the posts I see that many don't care for the 125's. I haven't listened to them too much yet, and of course haven't had a chance to burn them in, but I'm wondering if I should look at returning them for the 60's? I wasn't looking for anything too expensive since I already have the Ety ER-4p, but wanted something to use for those times where I can't have too much isolation. Any sage advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
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At that purchase price you should be anything but discouraged -- enjoy them.
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your own ears are the best judge of sound regardless of what others on this board say. let them burn in first and listen to them for a while. who knows, you might really enjoy them.
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$95 is a steal, I say keep them. Let them burn in for a while but on your head! I wouldn't turn these in for the 60's, they are two steps up after all. Flat pads will give you more bass and burn-in will give you even more.
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For $150, you probably would've gotten ripped. For $95, I'd say keep them and be happy
. $95 is what most people pay for SR80's.
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Ok, I'm going to burn them in and if I like them after listening/burning them in I'll keep em. From what I've read it sounds like the flats are going to be the way to go. Thanks for all the info!

Oh and my wallet hates you guys. Just thought I'd let you know.
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i got these for my dad for his bday/channukah gift. He bought himself a meta 42 and some signal cable analog v2's. All-in-all i can't believe how much system it is for the mere price we paid. The sr125s have a real thick and warm sound, great bass, and almost remind me of some of the characteristics the rs1s had when i heard them (of course no where near as refined).

Really great cans.
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another sr-125 fan here. paired with a maxed out meta42 they are a huge value for the quality. right now i'm listening to radiohead's "kid a" (uk vinyl version) with the meta and 125's and am having a wonderfully musical experience!

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