Grado RS2 - better sound better than they look
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Feb 22, 2008
I'm all for spending money on the sound but Grado may have gone too far!.

The packaging is a total joke for £250!

Not too keen on the quality of the plastic moulding on the earcup mount either and what's with the way the cable exits the wooden body, that's not going to last.

They do however sound very promising. Just got them today and they sound good but very lightweight with little real deep bass. I guess that running in will help. (via darkvoice figaro)

I love music so musical involvement is the be all and end all it's just that Grado are a bit more extreme even than me.

How well do the RS2s last?
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Treat them with respect and they will last a very long time.

If your grado RS experience is anything like mine, you've already forgotten about that shady packaging and questionable build quality, and totally ROCKIN the Music!!!

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Originally Posted by flatpopely /img/forum/go_quote.gif

How well do the RS2s last?

With the exception of the foam pads those might decay in a few years, treated wood, ABS plastic and stainless steel should last for a while, at least until we can't really hear the difference of treble and bass...
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Thanks everyone! Reassuring to know that they will probably outlast my hearing. Listened to them some more last night, I expect great things out of them after burn in!
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Thats not going to be difficult considering the party I went to on Saturday!

Seriously you have reaasured me on the longevity of the RS2s, I look forward to a long and musical life together.

PS Darkvoice Figaro is a steal for £100.

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